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Allergic reaction to formula

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Cydonia Mon 05-Nov-12 10:40:34

DS is 24 weeks and EBF ( apart from having formula on about 3 occasions ). Yesterday he had some of a Cow and Gate carton as I had to go out and didn't have any expressed milk. DP said he only took a bit, the started screaming, threw up and was pushing bottle away. When I got back he was still crying, bright red and rubbing his eyes. He calmed down a bit but his eyes were swollen, he had a rash and was wheezy so we took him to A&E

The doctor said it was an allergic reaction, probably to the formula. I had given him butternut squash for the first time at lunchtime but he said that was too long ago to have been the trigger. He had treatment and is fine now.

I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? He's had that formula before and been ok but I know allergies can develop any time. I asked the doctor if this meant he would be allergic to cows milk in future but he said it was too early to tell. He said it could be something in the ready made formula and that he might be ok with the powder.

I struggle to express much so was considering mix feeding now he's a bit older, but I don't know if I dare give him formula again! Has anyone had a similar reaction but then gone on to give a different type of formula or cows milk without a problem?

MegMogAndOwl Mon 05-Nov-12 20:49:01

My dd had an allergic reaction to milk when she was 6 months. Prior to this she had been ebf except for one formula feed at about a day old.

When we went for allergy testing at the hospital, the nurse said its quite common for children not to react the first time they have milk but then have a reaction on another occasion.

Have you been referred for allergy tests? If not, you need to push for this with your gp. Did they give you piriton at a&e, definitely get some in, incase your ds has another reaction.

There's an allergy board on here so if you post over there you'll gets loads of advice smile

Cydonia Mon 05-Nov-12 21:33:28

Thanks for replying, was your DD's reaction similar? The doctor we saw didn't seem that concerned, didn't tell me to make an appointment with my own GP or anything. He gave me some steroid tablets to give this morning but no piriton ( though had that last night ). He only said to bring him back if no better or worse. Think I'll make appointment with GP though, I'm not really happy to just leave it and see if it happens again!
Didn't know there was an allergy section on here! Will have a look.

MegMogAndOwl Mon 05-Nov-12 21:58:55

My dd's reacted first by coming out in hives where it had got on her skin- it was actually Philadelphia cheese that she smeared everywhere! She also got very snuffley then was sick.

She was referred for allergy testing by the dr in a&e, they also suggested we avoid certain foods until the tests were done. Egg was one to avoid ( luckily as she reacted to this at the skin prick test), also kiwi, nuts and one other that I can't remember.

Hopefully you won't have to wait to long for a referral then at least you'll have some answers.

Cydonia Mon 05-Nov-12 22:36:43

That's interesting - a couple of times DS has come out in spots after getting custard and angel delight on his face at one of the baby groups we go to ( messy play, he wasn't eating it! ) His skin went blotchy with little white spots, a bit like nettle rash. Because it went away after about an hour I thought maybe he just has sensitive skin. I'll definitely ring the doctors tomorrow then and not give him any 'new' food just yet.

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