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melonribena Mon 05-Nov-12 02:28:13

Hi everyone, my baby is now 15 wks old. He had a posterior tongue tie snipped at 6 weeks after constant pain when feeding.
It got better over two weeks then slowly got worse again until it was snipped again after partly reattaching at 9 weeks.
Over the next 6 weeks feeding became pain free, my nipples healed and it was wonderful!
Suddenly, on the day he was 14 wks old the pain came back. It wasn't gradual this time, one feed was fine and the next feed was v sore.
I was unbelievably upset as I had just convinced myself all was ok and was so happy with pain free feeding.
My questions are, is it likely it has reattached after 5 weeks? Can it happen that suddenly? He is now past the 12 wk anaesthetic free period, so what do I do now? If its not tongue tie, what could be causing the pain?
It feels like pain under the nipple but there appears to be no changes at all in his latch and feedingd have remained the same length, the only difference is the pain.
Any help would be gratefully received

Iggly Mon 05-Nov-12 06:32:30

Is the pain the same?

Could he be teething?

Have you kept up the exercises?

I go through the odd period of pain (dd had a tie snipped) but it's usually because dd is feeding more or isn't latching quite right as teething.

melonribena Mon 05-Nov-12 07:58:34

The pain is different. Not present at each feed, some worse than others. He sticks his tongue out past his lips as well.
I was advised not to do exercises, just to feed feed feed, so that's what we've done!
I'm off to the gp today to check for thrush but I doubt it's that.
Thanks for replying

needsadviceplease Mon 05-Nov-12 10:51:41

Can you see whether his tongue is forward (ie between lower gums and boob) during a feed? Sometimes DS gets this wrong - it hurts and when I look, his tongue is not there.

Obviously this doesn't give the cause and therefore offers no solution, but does at leat mean you can rule out non latch-based causes.

Varying bf position should at least give you a better chance to rest and heal sore spots. Have you had much rl positioning/latch help?

Good luck.

Iggly Mon 05-Nov-12 11:30:03

I was told to do the exercises as risk reattaching (which is what happened in your case?)

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