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Expressing for beginners

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shop1909 Sun 04-Nov-12 06:29:27

My ds is 6 weeks old today smile After a difficult day this week my dh has booked for me to go and have a bit of pampering which is really sweet of him but means I'll be leaving ds with him for up to 4 hours which I've not done before. He is ebf and feeds between 2-4 hours so in theory might not need a feed while I'm out but think I ought to leave some milk in case.

I have a medela swing pump but never used it and not sure where to begin! A lot of friends/postnatal group seemed to start expressing much earlier and, although I've never had the need to, bit worried I've done the 'wrong' thing.

Any advice/tips would be much appreciated. My hv sees him later this week so will ask her then but as useful as a chocolate teapot is the expression that springs to mind...pampering appointment isn't till 3 weeks so got a while.

Thanks for your help.

BlueyDragon Sun 04-Nov-12 06:57:11

Definitely leave some milk (leave too much if possible!) and definitely you have not left it too late!

The things that helped me were: don't try and do the feed/express simultaneously thing - too complicated. Feed, then express (from the boob you haven't fed from). Be comfortable, settled and warm, just as you would for a feed so have water etc on hand. Have everything prepped in advance including whatever you are going to store the milk in - bags if you're going to freeze it. Don't try on the day, try before so you're not anxious if it doesn't work first time. If you are finding it tricky to get let down then try taking deep relaxing breaths, looking at a picture of your baby and/or (I swear this worked for me) sniffing some of baby's worn clothes or blankets. Also if you are having trouble with let down that's where simultaneous feed/express helps but like I said that can be complicated to juggle.

Have fun at the spa.

Rhienne Sun 04-Nov-12 08:56:27

If you're just starting, you wont get a full feed in one go. Start now and freeze what you express. In 3 weeks you'll be better at it, and will have more than enough for one feed.

DS will also need to practice feeding from a bottle, and get used to the taste of frozen-thawed milk. Kellymom is your friend for all of this!

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