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Practicalities of cluster feeding

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AngelDog Sat 03-Nov-12 21:11:20

DS2 (3 weeks) seems to be starting to cluster feed. I know it's normal and that doesn't bother me.

But how do you manage to fit in all the normal evening things?

I need to get DS1 to bed (including bf'ing him to sleep), have a shower, clear up dinner stuff and get things ready for the next day. DS1 and I go mental if we don't get out in the mornings and that's only achieveable if I get everything ready the night before.

DH doesn't have much time to help out, and is out at least one evening a week anyway. It's difficult to switch many things to earlier in the day as we struggle to get out as it is, and DS1 is bored of hanging around while I try to sort food/laundry etc.

DS2 isn't overtired, frantic or crying. He just feeds for a bit, sleeps for a short while, feeds for a bit, sleeps etc. He sleeps happily in the sling, but I don't really feel confident trying to feed him in it as he has some latch issues (partly related to a tongue tie we're waiting to have snipped).

Any ideas?

5madthings Sat 03-Nov-12 21:22:47

do you have to shower in the evenings, can you fit it in at another time?

a sling whilst washing up etc, or a swing worked for ds3 so i got half an hour to dash round like a mad thing!

i often lay in the elder siblings bed and bfed the toddler to sleep whilst feeding the baby as well!

AngelDog Sat 03-Nov-12 23:04:47

The evening shower is only so I can make sure DS1 doesn't accidentally trip over DS2 in his baby chair while I'm unable to rescue him (as could happen in the mornings).

But yes, I think I need an alternative plan. DH took DS2 just now while I had a quick shower, and the second half was accompanied by DS2's howling. sad

newtonupontheheath Sun 04-Nov-12 08:44:18

When you say getting things ready for the next day, do you mean clothes, bag, snacks? I was thinking about our routine (ds 2 and dd 3 weeks)...

I make snacks and drinks, and some times sandwiches for lunch, when I make dinner/ breakfast and I have food out and am in the kitchen.

We have a few baby bags depending who is going out and where (baby, baby plus toddler, toddler to childcare, travelling by car etc) and they are restocked with nappies and wipes when we get home (well as close as possible!) so they can just be picked up on the way out. I guess you could make up a few "packs" with nappies, wipes etc and just chuck one in your rucksack on the way out.

When it comes to getting dressed time, we all go up and get dressed where each other clothes are (ie there bedroom then ours) if I haven't been organised enough to get clothes out the night before. The change of scenery occupies ds whilst I get dressed and sort dd. Then all of DS's things are there for him. I have a shower once dc are in bed.

I also take a couple of minutes once dc are in the pram/car to have a whip round put pots in dishwasher or empty bins as they are "contained" grin

I don't know whether you do any of that already but it helps us get out before lunch time!

AngelDog Sun 04-Nov-12 21:26:03

Thanks - I like the getting dressed idea.

I give DS1 a morning bath but was thinking of swapping it to the evening to help us get out faster - but not sure that'll work if DS2 is needing feeding.

I'm rubbish at restocking nappy bags etc when we get home - we're usually late for a meal and in a panic! I need to work on not being a habitually late person...

Today I feel super organised as DH had some time off this afternoon, so I did loads of jobs while he played with DS1, then DS2 only cluster fed for an hour and a half or so. Off to try for an early night (for once). smile

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