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Has anyone else had a 3 week old on 5oz? / Which teat?

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SamsMommyXXX Sat 03-Nov-12 17:08:05

Its Saturday so I have no health visitor to ask....DS has suddenly gone from 3 oz feeds to 4 and half. He has just finished his 4 and half ounce feed and I'm wondering if I should start putting 5 in his bottle?

Also, does anyone know the rules on teats and what number to use when?

Thank you!!

Celestia Sat 03-Nov-12 17:38:32

I'm new to bottle feeing so not entirely sure but I can tell you what we've been doing. When our dts start draining their bottles regularly, eg, every feed through a day we put an extra 30ml in the feed which equals one extra scoop of formula.

Our dtd uses Mam bottles and seems happy with the number one teat. Our dts uses avent bottles and got tired using the number 2 teats (and struggled finishing his feed) so we changed to number 3. He seems happy with that.

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