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Crushing face into breast

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Softlysoftly Sat 03-Nov-12 13:41:45

DD2 is 5 months, feeds at night half asleep are fine but i the day it's a nightmare.

She pinches, scratches, pulls my boob out of her mouth, latches on the whips her head off and round, and now final straw is she crushes her face as hard as she can into my boob it really hurts!

Why????? And when do I get the bit of bf that's all nice milky cuddles that was promised rather than the not sleeping, dissatisfied, screaming, cluster feeding, boob scratching crapness.

Am ranting btw, the not feeding moments (when not exhausted) are a joy of smiles and giggles.

fluffacloud Sat 03-Nov-12 21:29:35

Hey OP

No advice I'm afraid, sorry.

Bumping in the hope that someone has some words of wisdom for you smile

MeeWhoo Sat 03-Nov-12 21:40:59

Ds started being like this at around the same age except for the face crushing. Because of the turning around and unlatching it became really difficult to feed him outside or even with other people in the room. I had to keep the environment really boring, no tv, no interesting noises or new things in the room. He is getting slightly better but only if he is properly hungry.

As for the pinching and scratching, i suggest wearing a scarf or even a pendant or something that she can play with whilst she feeds. Also very important as
I am sure you already know, is to keep her nails quite short ouch If you have long hair you can try and let her play gently with a lock, although I suspect she might just pull it...Ds is not always like this but he does like to have his hands occupied so he started by "slapping" my boob, pulling the bra straps and, now that he can reach, he scratches the mole on my neck, hence another reasin for wearing a scarf. It is not all bad and as long as she doesn't hurt you you will get used to it and enjoy the cheeky smiles all the same.

i have no advice for the crushing her face into your breast though...

twizzlestix Sun 04-Nov-12 18:27:35

My baby has always done this. My BF counsellor said it was because my let down was fast. She is 8 weeks and still does it occasionally.

AliandTheo Sun 04-Nov-12 18:51:47

Hiya it sounds to me like she might be going through a growth spurt and may be really REALLY hungry!

Explains the cluster feeding,screaming, boob crushing and frenzied behaviour

Its a bit like the frenzy we feel at the supermarket when we're hungry!
Try feeding 15-30mins before a feed is due to prevent her getting over-hungry , it will take a day or so for your milk to catch up with babys demands.

Government recommends to start weaning at 6 months but some babies seem ready before then, my little boy kept stealing food of my plate and trying to eat it! Perhaps discuss starting little one on a bit of baby rice? depends how you feel really.

If it continues and you feel like you need help, contact your local breastfeeding councillor to come for a visit

Good luck, I hope it doesn't continue for long ! :-)

Softlysoftly Sun 04-Nov-12 19:55:12

Thank you all!

I'm going to try a scarf for the grabbing, my let down might be fast as if I breast compress to check milk it hits the wall blush, think I'll go bf clinic Friday and hope demon HV isn't there hmm.

She's 5 and a half months and yes it does seem that kind of frenzy, I did let her chew on a raspberry I held in my fingers the other day and she nearly had my hand off so weaning here I come!

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