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Question for Bottlefeeders about formula

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Beccarollover Sat 03-Jan-04 22:18:05


This is something that has always puzzled me.

I make up 7oz bottles for Harvey (7oz of water and add 7oz of powder) this brings the volume of liquid to the 8oz marker on the bottle. If he drinks this bottle but leaves 2oz has he drunk 5oz or 6oz?

For example today he has either had 28 or 33 ounces depending how you class what he has drunk.

Any thoughts?
If he is given a bo

Beccarollover Sat 03-Jan-04 22:18:39

oops ignore last half sentence!

nutcracker Sat 03-Jan-04 22:21:47

I just always counted however many ounces that i put in. You sound like me when my ds was a baby (13mths now) I was forever keeping tabs on how many ounces he'd drunk in a day

emmatmg Sat 03-Jan-04 22:23:33

shall I answer here too

Beccarollover Sat 03-Jan-04 22:25:52

Yep, especially at the mo, just been diagnosed with reflux so has had trouble feeding for a while now - now that he is on gaviscon and it seems to be working i want to keep track of his progress

Emma - yep, post on here so we can discuss!!!!

lyndsey66 Sat 03-Jan-04 22:26:47

Hi - I used to go by how much powder I put in - so in your example I would say 5oz

adell Sat 03-Jan-04 22:28:32

I go by how much powder I put in but that's only because you told me that's how it worked

elena2 Sat 03-Jan-04 22:32:06

Yeah, I would go by the amount of powder too, Becca.

Ailsa Sat 03-Jan-04 22:32:32

I would say 5oz

emmatmg Sat 03-Jan-04 22:32:47

OK.....I also make 7oz bottles which makes 8oz of actual formula.

When James has 2 ounces left he has drunk 6oz so thats how I work it.

However just to contradict myself with DS1+2 I did it the other way....counting the formula into the bottles.

I very confused too, can you tell!

millsy Sat 03-Jan-04 22:43:35

I am deperately counting every ounce Jake has and I often wondered about this - I asked my HV and she said you worked it out by the volume of the water before you put the powder in. But I work it out from the actual volume in the prepared bottle as this usually adds 2-3 oz per day if I'm lucky!!!

pie Sat 03-Jan-04 22:56:04

If you are only counting 7oz as thats what you put in of BOTH (you aren't just putting in one thing) but TOTAL volume comes to 8oz....where does the extra oz go? Formula heaven

pie Sat 03-Jan-04 22:59:05 doesn't matter how much of anything you put in the bottle, total volume is total volume. You may add 7oz of water but 7oz of formula will take up space in the material physical world, hence total formula made is 8oz. I would think it works the same with formula as anything else?

I think I'm confusing myself now

Beccarollover Sat 03-Jan-04 23:00:41

Im confused

You would think there would be a universal answer to this as every bottle feeder must have thought about it

pie Sat 03-Jan-04 23:05:36

But 8oz is 8oz which ever way you look it...if you give your kid 8oz of drink and you have 2oz left they've drunk 6oz, it doesn't matter what you've put in the drink thats what they've drunk. Just because you made it up from 'smaller numbers' if the total of all combined ingredients is more thats what is physically there and gone into their stomachs.

Beccarollover Sat 03-Jan-04 23:07:05

Makes perfect sense when you put it like that pie!

Ailsa Sat 03-Jan-04 23:29:57

Having said 5oz earlier, if someone had asked me this 6 years ago when ds was a baby I would have said 6oz. Don't ask why I've changed my mind. Based on Pie's version Jenny is having 4 x 9oz bottles, sometimes 5.

CountessDracula Sat 03-Jan-04 23:37:53

I would say that the total volume is the volume! I use aptamil and sometimes use the little cartons which are 7oz, so when I make up 7oz from powder it is acutally 8. Does that make sense?c

Beccarollover Sat 03-Jan-04 23:47:02

CD - when I use the cartons its exactly 7oz so is that the equivalent of a 6oz powder feed made up then? or not?

CountessDracula Sat 03-Jan-04 23:48:51

I would say that 7oz is 7oz regardless. So if it measures 7oz in the bottle once made up it is that, if it measures 8oz it's 8.

I do know what you mean though!

emmatmg Sun 04-Jan-04 07:34:49

I'm sticking to my 6oz post earlier, especially after reading your post pie.

I wish my brain worked as well as yours

WideWebWitch Sun 04-Jan-04 09:57:50

This made me laugh, don't know why! I'm with Pie.

NewThinnerDragon Sun 04-Jan-04 10:15:47

I've got none left but how about those 6oz sachets of formula powder- from memory, I *think* they make up 7oz when you add the water but are sold as a 6oz feed.

pie Sun 04-Jan-04 10:44:43

I would think that your 8oz bottle Becca has the *nutrional* value of 7oz as water has no calories but its still going to be 8oz of volume once the water is added. So if you want to know how full he is, he will be taking 8oz, if you want to know how many calories etc he is taking it will be what ever is equivalent to 7oz of formula powder.

bunnyrabbit Sun 04-Jan-04 12:27:20

Sooo this is something I always worried about... but lately I've come to the conclusion that once your fitting as much in the bottle as it'll take, it's not really worth counting ounces anymore....

Becca, sorry to hear Harvey has reflux, welcome to my world!! I hope you have plenty of muslins and the plastic backed bibs.....


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