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Expressing help

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GTbaby Fri 02-Nov-12 22:37:23


For various reasons bf has not worked. N rather then beat myself up over it I want to do nxt best thing n express.

ATM LO is ff mostly. I manage to express
enough for one feed a day over 3 go's. he is 3 weeks old n doesn't latch on so expressing
while he feeds is no an option.

Main Q is how often should I express to increase my milk supply?
Are there any other tips/hints?

Ps I have bought myself medela swing which I used for first time today been using tt manual pump before this.

Mandy21 Sat 03-Nov-12 00:25:30

I was told that expressing every 3 hours would give you a good supply and to make sure you expressed at least once during the night (2/3am). I know thats hardwork but if you had the Medela, it shouldn't take that long - try 10 minutes at a time. It also helps to express after a shower, massage your boobs a little bit before hand and have LO nearby, or sniff something that smells of LO (I know that sounds weird but smell is really important). I was also told that its the amount of food that you consume, rather than the liquid, that makes the supply. Not sure how true that is but worked for me. Good luck.

ZuleikaD Sat 03-Nov-12 06:24:41

It's not true about what you eat and drink affecting your supply (though bf-ing all the time does deplete your liquids because milk-production gets first dibs, so although drinking more won't increase your supply if you're producing a lot you will be thirsty iyswim). Yes to every two to three hours. Looking at your DC may also help give you a let-down.

GTbaby Sat 03-Nov-12 10:39:45

Sneaky bump wink

Will aim to express every three hours today. For others reading this have also been advised to keep pump in a container in fridge to save time on cleaning. N to sterilise once a day.

Any other tips great fully accepted grin

McBaby Sat 03-Nov-12 12:21:41

Nice warm shower or bath gets the milk flowing!

GTbaby Sat 03-Nov-12 14:05:41

The only thing with bath n showers is I can't have one 6 times a day. Lol n having a baby gets in the way of a shower. blush I forgot to brush my teeth 2 days ago blush

although have been using heat packs on my boobs before expressing. grin

Mandy21 Sat 03-Nov-12 14:15:54

GTbaby there were days in the early days when I didn't get dressed so just missing your teeth is progress wink. I think everyone has different "solutions" - the advice about food was from the Consultant Paediatrician on the NICU where I had my premature twins (still known as "Mr XX the hero") 7 years later because he was such a marvellous doctor - I don't know if its a scientific fact or not but it certainly worked for me smile.

GTbaby Sat 03-Nov-12 14:49:24

Ill b really honest n admit maybe I'm not eating enough.

Nxt express time is between 3-4. Have managed 60ml today which LO gobbled up so this is worth it.

Apprisiate all ur advice. I hope other mums find this advise useful grin

Zara1984 Sat 03-Nov-12 15:08:53

This is very useful! My 6 day old DS is being fed pretty much entirely expressed milk at the moment while we try sort out latching probs. was told firmly by me today I should be expressing every 3 hours, eat & drink enough and take iron supplements.

GTbaby Sat 03-Nov-12 17:28:32

How much milk does ur LO drink zara ?

Just trying to work out quantity equivalent of breast milk to formula milk. So I pour correct amount into bottle so I don't waste any grin

pommesdeterreetfromageblanc Sat 03-Nov-12 17:52:07

I expressed 120ml for my 10 days old baby yesterday, she guzzled it in no time, and wanted the boob afterwards!

Zara1984 Sat 03-Nov-12 18:27:02

It's so hard to know how much is correct GTbaby! He takes about 60-90ml on average per feed. That amount is increasing each day. Mw said to just feed him as much as he wants as its bmilk, whenever he wants ie like an on-demand bf baby.

GTbaby Sat 03-Nov-12 18:32:30

Pomme well jealous! I get about 30ml a go. At the min LO drinks 90 ml of ff per feed. Most times I only give 60ml expressed then top up. One time I've had enough breast milk to give full feed was 120ml.

I struggle to express for more then 5mins. Very small amount of milk in my boobs.
Wondering if dr can help? In terms of medication?

pommesdeterreetfromageblanc Sat 03-Nov-12 18:40:41

Have you tried skin on skin, looking at your baby whilst your express etc. I love expressing, it is the only time I produce milk pain free!

GTbaby Sun 04-Nov-12 07:36:32

pomm no idea how I would hold baby n express at same time! Maybe when I'm a little more experience.

LO was not settled all night so didn't express. However did at 7 n managed a 50ml supply. So that's great for me.

CelticPromise Sun 04-Nov-12 07:51:21

You could try compression/massage while you pump. Double pumping saves time and helps supply. Express at least every 2-3 hours in the day time and at least once in the early hours.

Have you had decent RL support with feeding? Bf groups/counsellors can help you with expressing too.

Domperidone can help with milk supply, it did work for me. Good luck.

CelticPromise Sun 04-Nov-12 07:55:52

Sorry meant to say it's supply and demand, like feeding. Frequent expressing is the most important thing. You could try switching between breasts often when you express ie if the milk slows down on one side express the other and then come back to it.

GTbaby Sun 04-Nov-12 10:55:25

Thanks grin

2 nd mum of day n I've got 100 ml!

So morning pumping is best! Before I was doing it in afternoon only. One day of more regular pumping has made a difference to.

GTbaby Sun 04-Nov-12 10:55:52

That should say 2nd pump of day. Lol blush

pommesdeterreetfromageblanc Sun 04-Nov-12 11:49:59

I meant to be in the same room as your baby when you express (when your baby is asleep maybe). I don't think I could express with the baby on me either! smile

GTbaby Sun 04-Nov-12 12:13:15

Oh I thought u meant skin to skin when expressing. But u meant general skin to skin.

Ill admit we had no skin to skin after he was born. He was taken for checking. N as I'd heard "cord is wrapped around his neck twice" I was very nervous when he was given to me wrapped up in a blanket.

So many things I would change looking back. However he is here safe n sound. N that was the main aim so don't want to dwell on it.

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