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Question re possetting

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WhoahThereCrazyHorse Fri 02-Nov-12 08:47:58

Thick question - sorry! When my ds possets, I'm never sure whether that's an indicator that he's full and finished feeding, or might want a bit more to replace the bit that's come up? What do others do? (Except for learning your baby's hungry cues and acting accordingly - I'm working on that bit!)

ZuleikaD Fri 02-Nov-12 10:27:45

I always worked on the assumption that the posset was just 'excess' and she'd had enough by then. Except on the occasions where she vomited a full feed.

thecatsminion Fri 02-Nov-12 12:30:30

My DS would feed, posset a bit, then soon afterwards would be hungry. He seemed to do more possets if he'd fed really quickly (if my breasts were full after sleeping for a few hours, for example, and he was hungry and gulping), but would need to replace the milk he'd posseted after that.

It probably varies from baby to baby though.

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