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8 week old FF baby dropping centiles?

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Nightfall1983 Wed 31-Oct-12 16:42:41

Looking for some advice, DS (PFB) is 8 weeks old tomorrow, he has his 6-8week check with the GP and I will be asking them too but wanted to hear your thoughts:

Short story: He's still gaining weight, but not as much as expected, droping from approx 15th to 9th centile in two weeks. I was expecting as much and took him in to be weighed today (HV said could wait 4 weeks) because in last two weeks has reduced how much formula he will take - was on 3-4oz 7 times per day now on 2-3oz 7 times per day. Also quite constipated with last few bowel movements being firmer than normal. Weeing fine, no vomiting. Has had a recurrent/long running cold (blocked up) but otherwise fine and happy in himself.

Longer/back story in case its relevant: DS was initially EBF but lost 12.5% weight by day 3 and was admitted back to hospital for 2 days and put on formula top-ups. Discovered I wasnt producing enough milk, stopped being able to latch him on after about 2 weeks. Continued expressing as much as possible (tiny bit) until 5 weeks and then gave up for own sanity. So EFF since 5 weeks.

Told HV at weigh in clinic my concerns today, told as he is still gaining not to panic but as dropping centiles come back in two weeks to check. Also suggested trying next teat size up, now he's already on the 3+ month size (has been since 4 weeks as helped with wind and slow feeding) but I will try him on the 6+ month ones i guess.

Finally(!) spoke to doc today as concerned about constipation: previously only pooed every two days but was soft and normal so not worried, last couple of weeks seems to be getting firmer and last week has been distinctly firm poo (the first bit, then loosens out - sorry if tmi) and going 3-4 days and in discomfort. Doc suggested adding water to feeds and using colief. Am concerned that adding water to feeds will mean he eats less overall and therefore exasperate above problem.

That was long, sorry blush

vamosbebe Wed 31-Oct-12 16:47:30

I wouldn't add water to feeds - but that's just my gut instinct.

DS (11mo) is ff and he has got on much better with lactose-free milk. I really didn't want to jump on the lactose-intolerance bandwagon, but if that's what's better for him then that's what he gets. It's bloody expensive stuff (same price as 'normal' stuff but for only half the quantity). It has made a HUGE difference to DS both in weight gain and he's a happier baby all round.

Good luck with the doctor thanks

Nightfall1983 Wed 31-Oct-12 21:14:20

Hmm, I'm inclined to agree re the water. Will talk to doc (on friday) re the lactose-free thing too... Thanks!

galwaygirl Wed 31-Oct-12 21:28:02

Hi, god this takes me back! DD was EFF from day 2 so basically always and she dropped centiles despite gaining weight. We tried the bigger teats, feeding every 3 hours, lactose free milk. Nothing worked really - she was just never a big feeder. We also had constipation problems and had the same issues with not wanting water to replace food thus exacerbating the problem. They had me back in weekly to weight her.
She dropped from the 91st to the 50th and eventually stayed on that curve. I now think she was just finding her natural curve after being artificially fattened in utero by Ben & Jerrys Phish Food!
She's still not a big eater and we do stress a bit at times but try to accept it as she is happy and healthy.
Also, she completely dropped bottles by 1, we ended up giving her lots of yoghurts and cheese once she was on solids to get the dairy into her as she just never seemed keen on milk.

Nightfall1983 Thu 01-Nov-12 10:56:11

Thanks galwaygirl, that's really interesting especially about your dd just being naturally smaller and a light eater. I do sometimes feel like we're force-feeding him, I'll offer him 4oz, he'll take 2oz so ill burp and change him and he'll be happily cooing in my arms and ill try to get more milk down him but he doesn't want it. He seems generally happy and contented, he goes 2.5 - 3 hrs between feeds, longer at night and isn't interested if I offer it earlier. But he started out on the 20th centile and is already on the 9th, how much lower can he afford to go sad

galwaygirl Thu 01-Nov-12 20:09:06

I know there is no point in me saying try not to worry too much! One of my antenatal group friends also had the same problem with her EFF little guy and he was and is fine and was the first to crawl etc he's just tiny - think he completely dropped off the curve.
I guess just keep going to the appointments, offering him plenty of food but try to remember it does happen that FF babies can drop centiles?
I remember the force feeding feeling and it is crap! Really hope he finds his curve soon xx

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