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When is it safe to feed again after having antibiotics/antihistamines?

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straighttohellymelly Tue 30-Oct-12 16:30:03

I still feed my smaller daughter once or twice a day. We are going to stop soon but I wanted it to be a gradual thing, however I have been really unwell with a kidney infection and an allergic reaction to the meds, so I'm on another less BF friendly antibiotic and piriton. I could feed her on this, although not ideal, but yesterday I had a different anthistamine which is only for age 12 and above. I am rubbish at pumping, will the drug just sit there in my milk, or will it break down, and if so how long does it take? I will try and pump as my breasts are a bit uncomfortable now, but I know I won't get much out. When is it safe to start feeding again? She is really upset at me being ill and needs the familiarity and comfort I think, for a month or two longer, otherwise I would just give up now.

Bessie123 Tue 30-Oct-12 16:33:59

A paediatrician at the Portland said it's fine to take zirtec (cetirizine) when bf although I have since done some research and found that might not be the case. I bf 2 children for 15 months taking cetirizine every day and they seem fine

straighttohellymelly Tue 30-Oct-12 16:44:55

I think it was Benadryl, the non-drowsy one- I took yesterday (can't find the box). I've had three different antibiotics and two antihistamines over the past few days, I haven't fed dd since Saturday I think. I wonder when the drugs will be out of my milk.

straighttohellymelly Tue 30-Oct-12 16:47:03

Acrivastine I think the actual drug is called.

halloweeneyqueeney Tue 30-Oct-12 16:47:33

this is such a difficult thing to find out!

I was told I was taking meds that were "safe for breastfeeding". Then when DS had loads of side effects I was told "oh yes that'll be the drugs, they do that"

safe for breastfeeding = wont kill the baby or have it end up in SCBU, it does not mean they wont have nasty side effects, but they don't want to tell you the side effects because that would be discouraging BFing hmm

straighttohellymelly Tue 30-Oct-12 16:47:44

Oh and the antibiotic I'm on now is Trimethoprim, that is ok but with some risk according to kellymom.

straighttohellymelly Tue 30-Oct-12 16:49:59

My dd is 5, so not a small baby, I've kept feeding as she is really attatched to it and doesn't want to stop, but I'm quite run down and do want to stop now. She has sort of accepted this but I think a gradual ending at Christmas would be better than this drug enforced one.

RedKites Tue 30-Oct-12 19:17:29

The breastfeeding and drugs helpline might be able to help you, if you haven't come across it before.

straighttohellymelly Tue 30-Oct-12 23:08:13

Thanks for that redkites, that is very helpful. According to info on the site all the stuff I've had is ok, but there is no mention of the antihistamine I was taking, so I'm not sure how to judge that. I will call them in the morning as I just tried to pump but no luck. Probably my milk is starting to dry up, and I've never found pumping works all that well for me anyway.

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