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Changing to the bottle and formula at 6 months

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teacher123 Sun 28-Oct-12 13:50:36

DS 1 is exactly 6 months old today and a big boy (91st centile) he was ebf for 5 months, then I added a formula top up at bedtime, and then started weaning a couple of weeks ago. He has taken to eating food like a natural and is eating lots, I am now trying to encourage him to take a bottle as I want to wind down the breastfeeding, as I'll be going back to work in the new year. Since I've started weaning he's been refusing his formula at bedtime, I'm assuming because he's not hungry enough to drink it. The problem is that he point blank refuses to take a bottle during the day, having taken them quite happily before.

His current schedule looks like this:
7.30 breastfeed
8.30 breakfast - usually baby porridge made with formula and some fruit purée
9.30 breastfeed and nap
12.00 lunch - small portion of purée and a mini yoghurt
1.00 breastfeed and nap
3.00 breastfeed
4.00 dinner - small portion of purée followed by some baby rice made with formula and fruit
6.00 breastfeed and bed

Then he usually feeds once or twice in the night.

How should I adjust his feeding schedule? I don't feed him to sleep, he is able to self settle but I have got into the habit of feeding him just before as we have a cuddle, should I swap things around? I know he needs lots of milk, as milk is most important thing before they are one, but how do I get him to drink the formula?

Any help greatly appreciated!

ZuleikaD Sun 28-Oct-12 14:22:54

Don't give him a bottle, give him a cup?

teacher123 Sun 28-Oct-12 16:42:09

Am trying that as well! I think the problem is that he just Isn't hungry enough for formula so isn't interested. Am going out for a few hours tomorrow, will be interesting to see if he accepts it when I'm not there...

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