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argh after 7mo thought I had this sewn up - painful boob

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BigBoPeep Sat 27-Oct-12 13:03:27

Just a moan really. Baby has had two bottom teeth for a while which isnt a problem except at night - I had mahoosive oversupply at first so after 3wks I swapped to 12hr blocks and have stayed that way quite happily ever since. We co sleep and I feed lying down but apparently in the last few days the teeth have been causing a prob in this position and rub me a bit. I've tried flippling etc to get more boob into her mouth and waking her up a bit more but nothing worked. I just gritted my teeth, and made sure she drinks, then comes off once asleep (she accidentally nipped me once too! argh! was like an injection into the nipple it was so sharp!)

Today the night boob feels swollen, slightly painful and tingles unpleasantly now I've prodded it to check it was real and not just my imagination sad She doesn't want much to drink during the day now so I think trying to get her to take it is a waste of time so I'm going to try a massage and hope that's all it needs!!

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