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Monitoring weight gain, and q about poo frequency

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aamia Sat 27-Oct-12 12:32:09

DS is 6 weeks old. Within a few days we'll have gone back to ebf from mix feeding (only had two top-ups yesterday down from one every feed, probably will only want one today...). Mostly because he's feeding well enough now and my supply has increased so he's no longer interested in top-ups after feeds. I'm v happy cos bottles are SUCH a faff when you're out and about! However, we were originally mix feeding due to weight gain issues (he was hungry then though - obviously so, and tt has since been cut), and that means I'm a little twitchy about him gaining enough weight.

How can I be sure he's had enough?
Can you buy those infant weigh scales so you don't have to trek to a not very nice part of town the HV clinic each week?
He seems to want to go 3 hours sometimes between feeds - should I let him?
Some feeds are 30min, some an hour, some 15 min - is that normal?
He's started to go longer between poos - from once a day, to now once every two. Is that ok? He tends to grunt and look like he's straining periodically for half an hour or so at about 8am each morning, but never does anything, and when the poo comes it's like a jar of curry sauce!

tiktok Sat 27-Oct-12 15:10:44

It's great you have got back to (almost smile ) ebf....understandable you still have some concerns.

Now your baby is healthy and doing well, you can rely on him and his behaviour to let you know he has had enough. In fact this is the same with bottles, if you are bottle feeding in a baby-responsive way.

It is not good practice to weigh a healthy, thriving baby more often than once a month tops for the first six months - after that it's every two months. It would be totally unnecessary to weigh him weekly, and the information you get back from weekly weighings is not helpful - your red book says this somewhere.

A three hourly gap in a baby who is healthy and growing is not usually anything to be concerned about.

It is 100 per cent normal for feeds to last different lengths.

The pooing frequency and behaviour you describe - also normal smile

Might help you to find a bf support group so you can get support and encouragement from other mothers?

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