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Bf 10 day old. Am I to late?

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GTbaby Fri 26-Oct-12 06:16:41

Just to give u some back ground info.

Gave birth at 38 weeks, did not have skin to skin as baby needed checking. When baby was given to me was told my nipples were flat n mw said to give formula. After 3 hours of baby crying I gave in n gave formula.

I asked for help on post natal ward, but under
staffed so no one had time. Tried feeding, but if I'm honest felt rubbish n didn't give it a proper go.

I tried expressing, which for two days seemed good, but now last two days don't seem to get anything out. About 10 ml.

In last 4 days have tried feeding everyday. Have managed to get him on. However he seems to suckle n not drink.
When he is done on the boob he will still drink his normal ff amount, making me think he hasn't drank any of my milk at all.
I can see his jaw/ ear moving. But can't hear swollowing.

I can not find any local support groups. N at the moment don't think I can get it together to go out anyway.

10 days in , am I to late to establish bf?

Any tips or advice would be great.
How can I find a specialist who could come to me? LLL have no centers local to me.

Thanks for any help

ElphabaTheGreen Fri 26-Oct-12 07:03:56

Oh, how miserable for you to have no support sad I'm sure it is totally possible. Have you tried the The Breastfeeding Network? How about asking your midwife or health visitor if there's a breastfeeding specialist or breastfeeding services in your area? I lived in the back of beyond when DS was born so didn't have LLL or BfN, but the NHS did have a trust infant feeding specialist who was brilliant and got me sorted. Hope you can get the help you need.

chaosandcupcakes Fri 26-Oct-12 07:28:30


No I don't think it is too late. I am breastfeeding my 7 week old and she didn't latch till she was four weeks!! She was mostly formula fed till then but I was expressing a bit. Only started expressing really about a week after born and at first I was getting about 2ml so 10 sounds great!! Also expressing never gets what a baby would get so its not a good indicator of how much milk is there.

I am lucky as I live in a city and there were several breastfeeding support clinics to go to. My visiting midwifes and health visitor had loads of names and details. One was based at the nhs hospital I gave birth in, I would def ask your health visitor.

The advice I was given to build up my supply to meet babies needs was to feed every three hours. At each feed give breast first then pump and then top baby up with either formula or expressed milk. The idea is that pumping will make sure baby has emptied breast and an empty breast leads to quicker milk production. This is all easier if you can get someone else to give topup while you pump (for 15 mins max).

At 10 days I hired a double pump online and built up milk quite quickly. One morning I got 90ml. Then she finally latched at 4 weeks and I gave up the pumping and just let her feed all the time. Over tge space of teo weeks she took smaller and smaller top ups and now needs only one top up a day which I might keep.

It was bloody hard to do but it feels amazing that I have achieved it and she is now getting so much breastmilk. I hope my story helps.

Also have you tried nipple shields? Can help with getting latch when you have flat nipples?

midori1999 Fri 26-Oct-12 07:31:51

No, it's definitely not too late. I helped a friend who for various reasons had been virtually fully formula feeding from birth. She was trying the baby at the breast, but couldn't get the baby to latch at all in the end, so the only breastfeeds the baby got were expressed milk and by 4 weeks this was about half an oz a day. She is now exclusively breastfeeding with her baby latching on.

I would suggest speaking to one of the breastfeeding helplines such as the BFN or you could ask your midwife/HV about your local breastfeeding clinic and also support groups. Or you may be able to find a lactation consultant who works privately to come out to you.

RnB Fri 26-Oct-12 07:39:55

Wonderful stories. Good luck OP

ElphabaTheGreen Fri 26-Oct-12 07:50:49

Just a thought which might help short term - have you tried expressing briefly before a feed? This can sometimes bring the nipple out which can make it easier for baby to latch.

chaos switch feed and top ups shouldn't be needed! There is no such thing as an 'empty breast'. Once baby has finished on the second side, put her back on the first and keep switching between both breasts until she won't take anymore. This will up your supply quicker than a pump. OP - this is also a suggestion for you when your baby starts to latch. Park on the sofa with trash TV and biscuits and just keep switching between boobs, feeding every time baby squeaks, usually a lot more frequently than three hourly! smile

chaosandcupcakes Fri 26-Oct-12 09:14:02

elphaba yes I didn't completely follow the advice I was given. The nhs clinic I went to calls it 'active breastfeeding management'. I hated pumping, felt so clinical, but when it was the only way she was going yo get breastmilk it felt important. When I finally got her latched on at 4weeks I def didn't have enough milk so she did need top ups but we have weaned off them and she is still gaining weight. But I have let her feed every hour of gods earth and constantly in the evenings!! Ouch!!

monkeypuzzeltree Fri 26-Oct-12 09:31:52

Congratulations but my goodness you got rubbish advice from the midwife. I bet you your nipples aren't as flat as mine!!! I've managed it with my dc2 and actually I think I'll have the most permanently pert ones soon! He's doing a great job at sorting them out!

It was a bit tricky to start off with just to make the nipple come out to make an easier latch I recommend 2 things.

1. Buy breast shells put them in your bra, wear all day, they really help nipple pop out so it's ready when time to feed. They do it gently rather than things like nipplet which are strong suction - not nice when you're a bit sore in the beginning.

The second thing is to get yourself to a bfc and get someone to properly help you. Cannot believe no one helped you!

As for starting supply going - it will be fine, I has to not feed for 2 weeks as my son was in hospital in the early days (long story) and it was hard work to kick supply up but follow the advice on here and you'll still be full of new mummy hormones which will help.

Best of luck

monkeypuzzeltree Fri 26-Oct-12 09:42:31

Just to add- I didn't find shields useful at all as nipple didn't fill them was flat until latched on. Baby ended up just sucking the shield with no nipple in it! Shells were much better for us. But that might just be me!

mumnosbest Fri 26-Oct-12 10:02:19

where are yoy OP? maybe someone here can tell you where you can get support in your area.

mumnosbest Fri 26-Oct-12 10:03:14

where are yoy OP? maybe someone here can tell you where you can get support in your area.

Wowserz129 Fri 26-Oct-12 10:07:58

Definitely not too late! Have you tried NCT? Most areas have an NCT breastfeeding councillor.

My advice would be to phone the NCT breastfeeding helpline and ask them for support and if there is anyone around that's breastfeeding trained.

Do you have any friends/family which have breastfed?

Try your local council aswell as they sometimes have support groups for Bf!!

Shame on midwives not helping you!! I always found community midwives much better than hospital ones!

Good luck x

GTbaby Fri 26-Oct-12 13:22:03

Hi everyone. Thank u so much for your reassurance, help and advice.

I thought shell and shield are same thing. I have advent shell in my bra ATM. N I've leaked all over my top grin. Although I thought the shell Is meant to catch the milk. Anyway there is milk so I'm happy.

Last night/early this morning had trouble latching on, partly cos of the dark! Will have to ditch the idea of not stimulating him n switch on the light.

I'm in southall, west London. HV gave me info for local peer support group on Fridays. Can't go today but will try nxt week.

Again thank you so much for your help grin

Any tips n advice will be gratefully received.

mumnosbest Sat 27-Oct-12 10:45:16

shells are the round plastic things used for catching milk. they only seem to work sitting up and still or you get soaked. the shields are silicone nipple shaped things that you wear whilst feeding. they're good for sore nipples and latch problems.

Jenijena Sat 27-Oct-12 20:44:57

Just wanted to say good luck OP. surprised you're not near me as our first few hours post birth seem like they came from the same crappy midwife. probably the reason I'm still bfing now as it still hurts but I am still haunted by that cow saying "well, you won't get any milk out of those" and I'm rather stubborn

Still have flat nipples, am now exclusively breastfeeding at five months, so good luck, and keep persevering. In my early turbulent weeks a sympathetic midwife said... Even if you only manage one or two breastfeeds a day, you are still a breastfeeding mother, and no one will take that away from you. I found that very helpful, maybe you will too.

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