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Had enough now, how to stop Breast Feeding?

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xMinerva Fri 26-Oct-12 04:56:56

Ds2 is 2.1yrs and still feeds loads.

He sleeps through the night which is fine but I've had enough of the constant requests for "boobie" and "other boobie" during the day. I want to be able to cuddle him without him pulling down my top, I want someone else to be able to comfort him when he's tired/angry/hurt/bored whatever. It's always me and it's constantly.

I always thought I'd let him self wean and I really thought he was a while ago but he's gone back to it like never before and I'm just ready to stop now.

I don't want to go cold turkey but as gentle as possible, even if I just got him down to morning and night feeds that would be better than the constant requests at the moment.

Any ideas/tips/advice? Please.

TanteRose Fri 26-Oct-12 05:07:54

my DS was the same when he turned 2 - wanting to feed constantly, worse than when he was 18 months or so. I couldn't sit down without him coming up to me and pawing at me asking for boob.

I found that I had to NOT sit down confused, distract him with other drinks/snacks/toys/TV blush

and we did indeed have a chat about only feeding at bedtime (we co-slept on futons, so i told him he could only feed when the futons were unfolded on the floor - we folded them up during the day and put them away)

You have to be strict about the rule (its difficult when they are crying etc.sad)

We then carried on until his third birthday - it was much easier as he was older and more willing to listen/understand by that stage.

But even at 2, he could follow the "no boob until bedtime" rule.

good luck - and well done for getting this far smile

hereagain99 Fri 26-Oct-12 14:33:29

I felt just like you. I stopped breastfeeding DD when she was 2.4 years old. I took advantage that she went to visit her dad and when she came back I told her that it was finished. She knew the concept of finish and accept it very well. I think she was ready for it to be honest. I tried the same 6 months before and it didn't work. We were still co-sleeping but when we went to bed instead of breastfeeding we read a book and cuddle. It felt very nice to regaing control of my boobs again blush

I have to say that almost a year on she still ask me for some mummy's milk every now and then sad

xMinerva Mon 29-Oct-12 06:14:44

Well after 3 days of "no, boobie at bedtime" he's starting to understand. Definitely less grabbing and requests today (evening here) and he even took himself off to daddy for comfort a couple of times yesterday instead of coming straight to me.

I don't mind continuing with feeding him if this morning/bedtime feed only works it was just the constant demands. I actually got a cuddle off him today. Just a cuddle, he didn't even try to get into my top.

A couple more days and hopefully we'll have it cracked.

Thank-you both.

TanteRose Mon 29-Oct-12 06:22:43

yay! well done smile

it really does get easier as they get older - if you feel you can carry on with just bedtime feedings, it will be much easier to stop those altogether if he is nearly 3 (well, at least it was for us)

my DS is now a strapping 13 year old - they really do grow up so fast - you have to treasure the early years smile

FutureNannyOgg Mon 29-Oct-12 09:38:12

I'm in a similar position, DS1 is 26 mo, it's made a little more difficult as DS2 is 12 weeks, so he is constantly reminded. We have cut out daytime feeds now, he regularly asks still though. In fact he has got quite sneaky, he will ask for a hug, then when he is in my lap says "milk?" with a winning smile. I explain that we only have milk in the mornings in bed now, and he asks to go to bed grin
I have horrible nursing aversion, my toes curl from the outset and it is almost always me that decides when to stop. I'm fine with the baby, but I'm really starting to resent nursing DS1. I can honestly say I wouldn't miss it if I stopped now, I spend every feed trying to distract myself, but he clearly is still very keen, and I feel terrible for taking it away.
I've managed some mornings where he comes and cuddles or snoozes with me for up to half an hour before nursing, rather than nursing straight away, and that feels a bit like progress, we just need to get to the point of getting up before milk happens.

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