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15 week old how many night feeds

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JezzaJ9 Thu 25-Oct-12 22:15:01

What is average fir an EBF 15 week old. DS 2 is so different from DS I don't what's normal and what's not. He has had colic but it cleared up (so to speak) with the assistance of Cranial osteopathy but h still has never been in a strict routine, but was only waking twice in the night. Now it can be anything from 2-4 times a night and he is so difficult to settle back down again after and he is only ever feeding for short bursts like he iis topping up. is this a growth spurt should i be holding back on feeds to make him eat more and go for longer. yesterday he fed at 6:30pm - 10:15pm. 12:47am 3:45am 5:50am, 7am and keeps falling a sleep while doing it. Any examples to know I'm not alone, he also really struggles to settle if he goes down awake so it's generally feed to sleep or sometimes a dummy.

jazzer2012 Thu 25-Oct-12 22:39:08

Hi there, Firstly, sorry to hear about the colic, that must have been really tough to deal with. Hope I am qualified enough to give you advice only having the one baby who is ten months! My advice is to go with it! I certainly would not hold back on feeds as it could quite possibly be a growth spurt. My daughter also fed loads at that age at night, especially when having a growth spurt, in fact during a growth spurt would feed on the hour. It is so tiring isn't it and I am sure you are exhausted having another child too! I still feed to sleep and my daughter is ten months if that makes you feel better!! She always falls asleep whilst breastfeeding. I don't know a lot about colic but maybe he is only feeding for short bursts because he is uncomfortable with colic? Could it have come back? I would get it checked out again. Hope this helps.

MissRedIndie Fri 26-Oct-12 23:54:06

Can't write much now, but check out threads on 4 month sleep regression on sleep board. It's more likely that this is connected with sleep regression than feeding issue, it's just that he is feeding each time he wakes to help him get back to sleep rather than actually cos he's hungry. It passes, but can be a tiring few weeks!

ZuleikaD Sat 27-Oct-12 06:36:33

You can't 'make him eat more and go longer' - he can only eat as much as his tummy can hold and if he's having a growth spurt (usual at this age) then he needs more. Waking that many times a night is normal (and not at all bad, really) - I would count the ten to six feed as the first of the day, so that's only three times.

JezzaJ9 Sat 27-Oct-12 20:59:48

Thanks for all the responses just good to know that it's normal, it's scary I think it's just as mind boggling as no.1 they are so different it's like learning all over again xgrin

flipflopson5thavenue Sun 28-Oct-12 14:37:48

my DS is 14 weeks and often feeds 3-4 times a night. On a good night he'll feed twice, and once he fed just once (my breasts were like boulders by 6am and I was actually willing him to wake up and relieve me..!). Whenever he wakes up I just feed him. I don't even bother to work out what might have woken him, I just put a boob in his face, he feeds, falls asleep, and we can all go back to bed. I think this is fairly normal behaviour, oh, and I also always feed him to sleep at night, and often for his day time naps too. I don't think its a bad habit thing, they love it, and it's only for a short period in their lives that you can do it and you'll miss it when its gone.

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