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Bottles, sleeping and moving rooms - what to tackle first?

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babybouncer Thu 25-Oct-12 15:58:40

DD is 7 months old. She cannot go to sleep without being fed to sleep or pushed in pushchair (we've never tried anything else for a number of reasons, none of which still apply), currently if we just put her down she (understandably) screams. She has never slept for more than about three hours at a time at night, often less, and I then feed her back to sleep. She often wakes in the evening and has to be fed back to sleep. During the day she has three naps each of about 40-60 mins. I really want to be able to leave her with dh or dm, especially to be able to go out the odd evening - or even just eat my dinner warm! - but it I leave, she can't be fed to sleep. This happened a few weeks ago and I came home to find an exhausted DD and DH and I don't want to do that to them again.

She was ebf until 6 months, she suddenly refused to take bottles, but is now having some formula from a sippy cup - only takes about 50ml. I want to give up breastfeeding now I've made it to the magic 6 months, especially as i am a bridesmaid in a couple of months. I'm doing blw and she seems to be really going for it.

She is still in our bedroom, but I want to move her out.

Most of all I want some sleep! I'd like to do controlled crying, but I don't want her to be hungry.

What should I tackle first?

mamaonion Thu 25-Oct-12 19:21:46

Well my ds is 10 months we did the moving bedroom thing first and then planned to tackle feeding to sleep issue... Only 2 months later still doing it! Been various things happening, illness, teething, tired parents... I think him being in his own room has helped him sleep better, and I was worried he'd be freaked out in his own room but he didn't seem to notice!

Not using bottles yet though! Good luck x

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