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Anyone else feel as though they've got themselves in a right old pickle?

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monkeyblonde Thu 25-Oct-12 12:54:04

I am probably just venting here, but would be more than grateful for any solutions.

DS is just 12months, and we are still bfing. I must say I am pretty proud of myself given how difficult it is to settle in to it at the start, but now I feel as though the only way to cover a multitude of sins is to give up, which I'm not totally averse to.

DS feeds properly 4x per day, on waking, mid morning, mid aft and before bed. Then he tries to pull my top up/down at various other points regardless of where we are! Plus about 3 night wakings too.

I don't suppose I'd be so down about it but for the usual fact that it's the only way to settle/resettle him. Therefore I do all of the (re)settling, all through the night and have not had one evening out in over a year. My DH is too nervous to look after him and says that if he does, when he wakes up he'll just bring him downstairs which is no long term solution. Admittedly he tried again last night resulting in over 2 hours of crying with no inclination to try and fall asleep, between 11 and 1.

Coupled with this, I'm heading back to work early Dec and my mum will be looking after DS. She too is v worried about how naps will work when only the boob will do. I have tried leaving him in his cot to settle using CC, GW, CIO, all that we end up with is plenty of tears all round.

Any ideas?

Also, has anyone found a good source of advice for giving up bfing this kind of clingy baby. HVs are all but useless (that's if you can find one who'll bother to talk to you at all) and the bfing networks seems to shudder when I even suggest not feeding until at least the age of 5!!

scrivette Thu 25-Oct-12 13:39:49

My friend has just gone though this with her DS, although he was a few months older.

Firstly she cut down on the days feeds, so it was just one in the morning and one in the evening as well as the night feeds. She offered milk in a cup to replace the day feeds.

Then she cut down on the amount of night feeds by dropping one a night over a few weeks, she rocked him back to sleep instead of feeding.

He took to it very well and she now only feeds in the morning and bed and once during the night. It took quite a while but she says it was worth it.

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