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10 month old and working longer hours, is what I plan ok? What would you do?

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fhdl34 Wed 24-Oct-12 14:46:51

DD is currently 9.5months and I work 9-12pm & 5-7pm Saturdays and Sundays. I breastfeed her before I leave and when I get back, plus she is on 3 good meals per day (BLW), drinks water from her sippy cup at mealtimes and when I'm at work, has snacks if wants them.
In general, she has 4-5 breastfeeds during the day (morning, before both daytime naps and at bedtime plus sometimes one extra during the day if she asks) and also still feeds at least 2-3 times at night.
Sometime within the next month or so, my hours will change to working 9-3pm on Saturday and Sundays. So she'll be 10/11 months at this point. Is this too long to leave her without some expressed milk? Can DH just offer her more solids (although she is offered solids currently until she stops eating anyway)?
I had to go for a training day last week and was away for 8hrs. DH was going to bring her to me for a feed at lunchtime but she took 3oz of expressed BM from her sippy cup (there was 6oz available but that was all she took) instead and just had plenty to eat and water to drink. The problem I have is that I have never expressed very regularly, the 6oz last week was the last of the bits and bobs I'd expressed since she was born and the last couple of times I tried to express I got nothing despite doing all the massage beforehand.
Over the 24hr period I feel she is breastfeeding quite a bit but is 7hrs (allowing for travel time) a bit too long at that age?
Apologies for the epic post, my next LLL meeting isn't for a couple of weeks and wanted some advice now really in case I have to try and start expressing again.

fhdl34 Wed 24-Oct-12 14:49:19

Should also say, I do not want to introduce formula, it is just 2 days a week and I don't want to try and get her on a bottle just to try and get her off it in a couple of months when she turns 1.

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