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Is this drop in supply or long growth spurt??

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jasmin27 Wed 24-Oct-12 09:28:49

EBF ds has been feeding constantly for over a week now. He will be 13 weeks tomorrow and this started at about 11.5 weeks. I've not had any engorgement not even in the morning but not sure if thats because we've been co-sleeping for the past week. His naps have gone down the drain, only 20 mins max or just wants to sleep on me. I use to leak quite a bit and had a strong let down but not had either for last couple of days. Plenty of dirty nappies and normal poo so not sure if this a long growth spurt or if my supply has dropped?

tiktok Wed 24-Oct-12 09:33:28

jasmin, is it important which it is, or neither, but a behavioural change which spurs your baby to need more contact and security from you? This last is very common beyond the newborn stage. It has little to do with needing extra milk - and as we know, bf is more than 'just' the milk smile

If it's a drop in supply for some arcane reason you are doing the right thing to make sufficient for your baby. Your baby is doing fine. If it's a growth spurt, ditto. If it's his emotional and behavioural need for more of you, then ditto, too smile

Whatever....these things tend to come and go.

jasmin27 Wed 24-Oct-12 11:06:09

Thanks tiktok, will carry on feeding on demand. I think I had just gotten use to him having regular and long naps. Going to my mum's for a week so can carry him all day long if need be.

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