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Is it easy to change ff milks with a newborn after a few days?

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Lambzig Tue 23-Oct-12 16:20:08

I fed my DD on Aptamil and always found it brilliant. She started on that because that is what they had in hospital and we continued with it as no problems.

I am due to have DC2 in a couple of weeks with an ELCS, so may be in hospital a few days, 48+ hours minimum. I would really like to use Aptamil again. I am told that this time the hospital will provide Cow & Gate.

So I either have the choice of taking the starter packs of Aptamil with the built in teats in myself and insisting on using that which could get quite expensive if I am in for a while (there are no facilities for sterilising or making a bottle at all), or starting DC2 on the Cow & Gate that the hospital provides. Would it be a problem to switch to Aptamil when we got home? Are they all really the same?

PS, I have to FF as I need to take daily medication that is not compatible with breastfeeding, something I have had to come to terms with.

I switched from Aptamil to Cow and Gate when ds was about 4 weeks and it was fine (involved me dropping a whole tub on the kitchen floor on a sunday night and the only shop open only sold C&G)

Afaik they are the same company and if you read the ingredients there is hardly any difference. Why not keep DC2 on C&G after hospital?

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