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Stopping BFing after surgery

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scaryg Sun 21-Oct-12 14:34:14

Please help me get over the possible end of BFing my DD 10 m. She had open heart surgery in Wednesday and is slowly getting better but has developed a side effect where she can't digest fat and it's collecting in her chest cavity so she has two chest drains and is now on a special no fat milk and not my milk. She will have to be on this for 6 weeks and will probably come home with a feeding tube if we can't get her to take the feed by cup.

As you can imagine I'm heart broken, my DP isn't being very understanding, all I want to do is pick her up (carefully) and comfort her by feeding her. She was premature and it took 10 weeks to get her exclusivly breastfeed so I'm damned if I'm gonna give up without a fight.

Does anyone have any experience or recommendations of having a 6 week break from BFing?

MrsSpencerReid Sun 21-Oct-12 14:38:01

No specific advice but I exclusively expressed for my DS for 2 months, supply did drop but I'm sure when you bf again it will increase and your supply is prob way more established than mine ever was (I never established bf) smile good luck and sending get well soon thoughts to your little one

MigGril Sun 21-Oct-12 18:39:10

You could express and freeze milk. I'm not sure how often you need to express at this age as you already have a well established supply so probably wouldn't need to pump as much as if she was a newborn. You just need to keep things ticking over really as when she can start feeding again she's soon up your supply if she needs more.

have a look on kellymom I know there is a section on pumping. they also have a chat room so you maybe able to ask there, as is a USA board you'll get a lot of mums experienced with pumping only as they often have to go back to work so early.

and good luck hope she's better soon.

bonzo77 Sun 21-Oct-12 18:52:44

Is there a was of expressing it and "skimming" it to get rid of the fat?

scaryg Mon 22-Oct-12 02:39:40

bonzo77 that's a good idea someone else has suggested this and has given me a link to an women who has successfully skimmed her milk and given it to her son who has exactly what my DD has ( Chylothorax)

But yes I'm gonna have to express and freeze for 6 weeks a real faff but most definitely worth it. I think what I'm worried about is my DP wanting this DM and DD's step sister to feed her which I don't want - mummies feed babies not nannies and sisters.

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