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Some breastfeeding questions - baby is 9 days old.

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PollyIndia Sat 20-Oct-12 12:52:28

So breastfeeding is hard! I did know that, but the reality is more intense than I could have imagined. I finally have my latch sorted after the 4th session with a mw/lactation consultant. Nipples are still cracked from when I didn't have it quite right though, and he was feeding through the night to get my milk in. Will the cracks heal while I carry on breastfeeding? And how long should this take?

I think he is having a growth spurt as he fed from 830-12 last night then again from 430-11 this am on and off, with periods of crying Inbetween. So far he has been quite chilled in the day so this was a different pattern. Does this sound like a growth spurt?

Also, I am worried as he is not doing the many big dirty nappies. Lots of wet ones but only tiny bits of poo. His last big mustard gas one was yesterday morning. Should I be concerned? He only lost half a lb at his 5 day weigh in.

Finally, how do you know how long to feed him off one boob for? He tends to feed fr about 20 mins then fall off asleep or milk drunk. I put him back on the same one then switch after about 45 mins cumulative feeding. Is this right?

Thank you all. Am determined to crack this if I can!

Sabriel Sat 20-Oct-12 13:12:58

Don't know the answer to some of your questions but get some lansinoh for your nipples to help heal them, and the poo thing is normal. Breast milk is absorbed well so they don't poo too much.

Somebody who actually knows current thinking will be along soon re your other queries.

PollyIndia Sat 20-Oct-12 13:30:58

I have got lansinoh and also ordered some goldcream. I feel confident they will heal up now the latch is right. It is still very painful for the first 10 secs but then it eases and it's intense rather than painful.


SarryB Sat 20-Oct-12 13:58:45

Never had cracked nipples - I used lanisoh after EVERY feed, after a shower and always put some on before I got dressed or got into bed.

He is too little for a growth spurt I think, the first one happens about week 4 or 5. Get the book 'Wonder Weeks' for more information on brain growth spurts. He's just hungry and wants to be with you, so keep feeding him.

Not unheard of for babies to go ages without pooing. My LO has not pooed for 10 days before! Then it was ALMIGHTY. It was a true poonami.

Just keep feeding him till he pops off himself of falls asleep. When he falls asleep on the first side, see if he needs a wee burp, then try him on the other side. If he's full he won't take it. Repeat this switching method to help keep your supply up to.

Sounds like you are doing a fab job! Congratulations!!

MigGril Sat 20-Oct-12 14:36:44

no need to keep him on one side for any set time. after he's come of the first side switch to the second. this is a really good way of upping supply.

ElphabaTheGreen Sat 20-Oct-12 15:28:36

Sounds like you've been given the old 'keep them on for 40 minutes so they get the hindmilk' line. This is outdated advice. Just keep switching as above posters have said.

I had cracked nipples for a while. I can't honestly say how long they took to heal, but they did stop hurting before they healed fully. The baby's saliva will actually help with the healing process. The pain for me took six to eight weeks to subside but I had bleeding and thrush and all sorts so hopefully you'll be comfortable sooner.

I think I watched every single back episode of Man vs Food QI during those first few weeks because I spent so much time parked on my bum feeding!

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