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"force" weaning our 15mo...

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daddledaddle Fri 19-Oct-12 21:21:26

We are in the midst of weaning our 15mo DD1 with me staying over at a friend's for the past 2 nights. I've now been away and not BF her for 30 hours.

DD has refused a bottle since she was 3mo old, when she had a tongue tie release and has been able to nurse. She feeds multiple times a night, such that at about 13months I have finally begun co-sleeping most nights!! She is not very interested in food, though we've been working with her since she was 6mo old on BLW and trying with various beakers, bottles, etc. She refused spoon feeding. She'll eat shreddies, cheese, toast and grapes (+BF!). She'll drink water (some) but refuses to drink cows milk or formula from any type of beaker (def not bottle).

I'm ready to stop BF, as I have begun to resent it for some reason--particularly when she's nursed and nursed but won't let go, just wants to stay latched on for ever. Also I have to be away for a weekend in November & she'll be with my mom so I wanted to be sure she was ok and it seemed a good reason to be more purposeful. Not to mention my husband has an issue with BF and is not interested in sex, and thus we can't conceive again. Definitely have resentment about this, BTW.

Anyway though I'm ready I'm also really sad about it and know she is crying a lot with my husband. We know she is hungry, but just won't drink, and am just not sure how to proceed. I feel a bit pumped out after all of that work the first 3 months to keep her going with breastmilk, so I don't feel like giving her EBM is an option (though I also feel unhappy about cow milk and formula).

I am going to stay away tonight and go back in the morning, and I am sure it will be really hard. I feel I should backtrack and do just one feed a day since we know she can manage on the little she does eat. But then I worry that we'll just end up back where we started, and/or my husband will be upset (not that this really matters, I suppose).

Anyway, am emotional whilst weaning and any advice on how to manage going home would be welcomed and very much appreciated!

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 19-Oct-12 21:58:34

Just bumping for you smile Did you get a chance to look at the article I mentioned in your other thread?

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