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Introducing FF

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Lizzy1975 Thu 18-Oct-12 21:00:12

Hi, my son is 24 weeks and ebf. I really need some time to myself and am hoping to leave him with my mum one evening next week. I've tried expressing many times and only produce a tiny amount of milk. So am considering introducing a formula feed, perhaps before bed time so that he gets used to a bottle/formula. He's asleep by 7pm and regularly sleeps through until 1am, when I would be back, so the bottle of f would just be a back up for my mum in the event that he wakes when i'm out. Will this mess up my supply or cause any other problems? And is it wise to introduce a ff when we have just started weaning this week too?

MigGril Sat 20-Oct-12 14:51:25

how are you expressing? some mums find hand expressing a lot easier then using a pump.

If it's just occasionally then a bottle of formula at this age shouldn't be a problem for your supply. if you where it give it every night then you would stop producing milk for that feed.

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