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So...I think I've stopped breastfeeding then.

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lagartija Wed 17-Oct-12 12:27:33

This might be a bit rambly....

DD is 17 months and for about a month now she's only fed upon waking in the morning. Before that it was before bed and on waking, but I started working out of the home 4 evenings a week and she settled better without a bf the nights I was home so we stopped bedtime feeds. The last week or so she's not seemed that fussed in the morning and sometimes she's slept in and then it's all been a bit rushed and shes not asked (she's never really asked tbh). So, it's been 2 mornings, so no boob since Monday am. If she seemed to want it tomorrow, would there be any milk? How fast does it disappear if you're only doing a quick feed once every 24 hours and then maybe missing a day or two?
I'm quite happy to stop btw....although if she seemed to want it I don't mind. If she doesn't have any more feeds, will my boobs just go along with that...I assume there won't be any engorgement issues or anything?

Whether it's the end or not, I'm very pleased we've got this far.....Quite proud actually as I only managed to mix feed DS for the first 8 weeks and then he was ff.

MigGril Wed 17-Oct-12 12:44:29

first off well done for getting this far.

to answer your question yes if she askedfor it there would still be milk there. by the time you get to this age with feeding it's so well established that it can take months for your milk to dry up completely.

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