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Baby not hungry in the morning!

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SarryB Wed 17-Oct-12 07:21:28

My 6 month old LO appears not to be very hungry in the mornings recently, so I thought maybe I was feeding him too much at night. So last night I did a little experiment.

He had a tiny dinner at 5pm, a 7oz bottle at 6.30pm, a 20 minute dream BF at 10.30pm, and then when he woke at 3.30am (like he normally does), instead of just bringing him into bed with me and BF while I dozed, I gave him formula instead just to see how much he drank. He only drank 2oz, and that was hard enough to get down him.
And here we are this morning (woke at 6.50am), and I can't really get him to feed at all. He fed for maybe 10 minutes altogether, but seems alot more interested in playing with his toys.

Any other babies not hungry in the morning?

MigGril Wed 17-Oct-12 12:57:01

he may have only taken a small amount of formula as it wasn't what he was expecting to get.

You could always try to settle him without milk in the night. hell soon let you know if he's hungry.

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