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12m old dd has stopped breastfeeding.

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BuffyFairy Mon 15-Oct-12 14:54:45

Possible nursing strike?

Dd woke up with a fever on Sat. She'd had a cough for over a week so we took her to ooh. We got told it was just a virus and sent home. Her temp continued to rise despite alternating with calpol and ibuprofen cue another trip to ooh. This time we were told she had a throat and ear infection and prescribed antibiotics.

Dd still had a fever on Sun. She didn't have much appetite and was struggling to nurse from left boob. 2pm was her last feed.

She wants to nurse but every time she tries to latch she starts crying and putting her fingers in her mouth. It was a very difficult night and she even struggled to take water in. She wouldn't drink milk from a bottle or cup despite normally being ok with that.

We took her to the GP today who said she wasn't dehydrated and it's just the inflammation making it sore.

I've managed to get 2oz of expressed milk into her using a dropper and she's had some water.

However, she's managed to eat some cheerios and toast so why can't she latch? Her
gum looks a bit inflamed but it is hard to
see and if it was teething wouldn't that affect her eating solids too?

Any ideas?

Sorry for the essay!

Dd hasn't been able to breastfeed since 2pm yesterday. She wants

Asmywhimsytakesme Thu 18-Oct-12 22:50:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Asmywhimsytakesme Thu 18-Oct-12 22:52:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BuffyFairy Fri 19-Oct-12 00:39:21

Aw thanks asmy thanks.

I tried weetabix once. Not letting dd loose with that again. That stuff sticks like glue! grin

Mashed potatoes are a great idea. It makes good pancakes too.

It's the abruptness of it that's hard to handle. There's no slowing down to allow you to get used to it.

BuffyFairy Fri 19-Oct-12 15:07:30

Well dd managed a feed when she woke this morning. That was the best feed ever! She even gave a round of applause afterwards [melts].

She hasn't tried since but at least we're on the right track.

BuffyFairy Fri 19-Oct-12 15:07:56

Thanks everyone who posted for your messages and support.

Asmywhimsytakesme Fri 19-Oct-12 15:11:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mampig Sat 20-Oct-12 22:36:29

grin Great news!! Hope it continues!!gringrin

BuffyFairy Sat 20-Oct-12 22:58:17

I'm pleased to report that dd is all better today and normal service has resumed! grin

Thanks for the hand holding. Hats off to you mampig for surviving a hardcore strike. I was a quivering wreck after 6 days!

Mampig Sun 21-Oct-12 08:45:31

Ah, well done!! That's great news! Unless you've been through similar, it's difficult for others to understand! Glad all is well againgrin

Asmywhimsytakesme Sun 21-Oct-12 11:00:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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