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green poo 5.5 months old

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musicmusic Mon 15-Oct-12 06:51:56

my boy is 5.5 old. he has been EBF and then we had a green poo week, so I though he is ready for solids. I started giving him baby rice... but still get green poos in the morning ( afternoon poo is better - yellowish) it is just morning that we get green poo... please help - why does he have green poos?

fluffacloud Mon 15-Oct-12 07:20:24

Morning OP

I'm not sure where the connection is between green poo and starting solids?

As I understand it, green poo is usually a sign of an upset stomach. My DD 6 mo, has had a few instances of the dreaded green poo and I was advised by the GP to continue to BF as normal.

I'm sure someone who knows their stuff will be along shortly.

Congrats on EBF for this long by the way! wink

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