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Introducing a bottle at 8 months - will it affect supply the rest of the day?

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5dcsinneedofacleaner Sun 14-Oct-12 23:17:05

My dd is 8 months and has been breastfed since birth. The last week however, we have been giving her a bottle of formula for her night feed (about 11pm) simply because dh can feed her that feed as he tends to go to bed later than me at the moment. She has still been having all other feeds from me and wakes around 3am for a breastfeed.I have enjoyed not having to worry about this feed tbh but Will this feed affect supply at all for the rest of the feeds ?- I dont feel ready to wean her off totally just yet.

Runningblue Sun 14-Oct-12 23:30:08

No, your body will adjust around the feed it no longer has to produce - ie the 111pm one.

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