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Is this it? Are my boobs no longer needed?

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Usually at bedtime, DD will climb onto my lap, lie down and remove her dummy ready for milk. Last night she climbed onto my lap, rested her head on my chest and we cuddled, then I put her into her cot and she went to sleep.

On sunday mornings DD comes into our beed and we all watch tv together and normally she does everything she can to get at my boobs for milk, and today she just didn't bother.

She is nearly 16 months, is this it now? She doesn't seem to be interested anymore (Hooray!!).

I must say, I am relieved if it is over because BF was totally the wrong decision for me but she always refused bottles.

Bed grin

greenhill Sun 14-Oct-12 10:35:51

My DD self weaned at around this time, I was pleased at the time as I hadn't ovulated/ menstruated while I BF'd and wanted another DC.

If you are both happy don't worry about it. She might change her mind in a few days. Keep an open mind and if you don't want to continue, change your routine or distract her when she asks again. Your supply won't go away immediately and if you had a strong letdown can return briefly anyway.

Can she drink cow's milk from a cup? My DC went from me to a beaker or open cup, they never had a bottle.

Good luck.

The only thing she drinks from a cup/beaker is water. I've tried giving her milk before in one and she looked disgusted and threw it away from her grin

greenhill Sun 14-Oct-12 11:01:19

My DC like to choose their own colour straw from a packet. Try this, if she refuses the milk, a straw makes everything taste better smile

ZuleikaD Sun 14-Oct-12 12:03:43

Milk isn't as nutritionally essential as it once was, and you can get it into them in variety of other ways - custard, porridge, yogurt, rice pudding, risotto, cheese etc.

She adores yoghurt and cheese. Cheese especially, I give her cheese sandwiches rolled up, and she unrolls them eating the cheese out of them as she goes, then she'll eat either all, some or none of the bread and whatever is left she'll hang over the side of her highchair and feed it to the greyhound hmm

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