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Breast Feeding Clothes?!!!?!

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Emmiedarling Sat 13-Oct-12 21:42:51

So i thought, when i ceased being pregnant, that decent clothes would be back on the radar. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that I need easy access to boobs!

The thing is, specific breast feeding attire seems to be so limited. And, well, pretty horrible.

My little one is two weeks old and I have pretty much worn an old wrap dress every single day!!! (it is pretty bloody awful)

I was wondering what everyone else is wearing and where it came from? Surely there is more options than I think?!

Nagoo Sat 13-Oct-12 21:44:48

oh no no no, no BF clothes.

vests with bump bands under so when you lift your top there is no belly, and cardigans. Scarves when you are still crap at it, or have wriggly baby smile

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 13-Oct-12 21:48:29

Breast vests under real clothes are great.
Mama Feels Good make nice bf tshirts.

charlatan Sat 13-Oct-12 21:53:00

Proper BF clothes are usually over priced and rubbish. A vest with stretchy straps (like these) you can pull down under a top you can pull up works best for me.

fraktion Sat 13-Oct-12 21:57:06

There are decent BF clothes but they're overpriced. Top up, vest down!

Chocolateporridge Sat 13-Oct-12 21:58:08

Same as charlatan for me, I bought baggy t shirts and very stretchy vest tops from primark so that I could easily stretch the vest top under my boob without disrupting my top t shirt too much. I also bought a few mock wrap dresses on eBay and altered the front with a pair of scissors so I could discreetly pull one side over and have a matching vest top underneath so no-one would notice.

lurcherlover Sat 13-Oct-12 21:59:35

God, yes. Bf clothes are mostly awful. You just need a load of cheap stretchy vests, a size bigger perhaps so they will pull down easily, under a normsl top. Unclip your bra, pull vest and bra cup down under boob, then get baby roughly in position and finally lift up your outer top. Your top covers your boob and the vest means no tummy on show. That's it!

MigGril Sat 13-Oct-12 22:00:40

same a everyone else, vest down to up. have sometimes use a cardigan to.

No need for expressive breastfeeding cloths.

Gingersnap88 Sat 13-Oct-12 22:48:33

I have a couple of Emma Jane vests which I love as they are quite supportive. I wear them under lots of stuff.

In the early days I worse breastfeeding t shirts from H&M.

Now I live in a uniform of shirts with jeans, tops that I can lift up with jeans / skirts, vest with cardigan or dresses which have buttons / zips / wraps (none are actual breastfeeding dresses)! I was quite disheartened at first but am slowly finding some nice bits which can work!

Good luck grin

readyforno2 Sat 13-Oct-12 22:50:43

Matalan do good breastfeeding vests which have clips and a panel with slits. Have a look on eBay. There's loads there

MrsNPattz Sun 14-Oct-12 00:10:38

Vest tops for me! Hadn't thought about putting a top over them though so will give that a try smile

KarenHL Sun 14-Oct-12 00:16:52

I found Frugi mother tops v.good. Never tried the dresses.

I agree that most b/f tops look horrible (and often made from cheap fabric with an awful finish). A good cheap alternative is the T-shirt, vest combo suggested by other posters above - that was what I ended up using most often. Try to find stuff you can tumble-dry, the amount of times I had to change due to leaking breasts or baby posset when DD was little - I probably needed more frequent changes of clothes than she did in the early weeks!

IHeartKingThistle Sun 14-Oct-12 00:31:06

I used to do top down, vest up! Stetchy v-necks. That's the way forward.

Softlysoftly Sun 14-Oct-12 06:28:51

Best down top up here too!

Do have one breastfeeding vest with nipple slots but never use it, trying to get bra down and align nipple avoiding a mouthful of fabric for baby was a pita.

With best down your whole boob is accessible but I hook the edge of the top around my thumb that is supporting breast (big boobs that need holding) which means easy access and nothing on show once latched.

McKayz Sun 14-Oct-12 06:30:38

£2 vests from primark and then just normal tops over them. That's what I do.

ElphabaTheGreen Sun 14-Oct-12 06:57:16

For a bit of variation, I've never been one for vests and don't like pulling a t-shirt up with a hungry wriggling baby on my lap. I go for scoop or v-neck stretchy t-shirts where I can just pull the collar straight down (they are holding up remarkably well - you'd be surprised!) or button front blouses which I understand are usually unpopular, but I find I can easily undo as much as I need one-handed while leaving the rest covered. A muslin or blanket over the shoulder helps with modesty while in public. I'd never buy BFing clothes - save your money!

Macaroons Sun 14-Oct-12 08:17:37

Have you looked at jojo maman bebe? They are not cheap but I think they look nice, fabric is decent and designed for discrete feeding.

Havingkitties Sun 14-Oct-12 11:39:03

I love seraphine nursing tops, about £40, but a nice breast feeding treat for yourself and they look like nice. I like the ones with the poppers at the shoulders, just pop off and feed! They are also nice enough to be worn out and are long enough to cover your bum and belly. And no faffing with trying to get a boob through a hole.
The sell on pretty well as well on eBay once your done.

louloutheshamed Sun 14-Oct-12 11:42:13

I did top up vest down too! Elephaba does it not stretch all your tops out of shape doing that? And is it not weird and uncomfy having your whole boob lobbed through the neckline?

EauRouge Sun 14-Oct-12 12:04:49

Nooo to over-priced breastfeeding clothes. Cheapo M&S vests for me and Milk Chic is ace for finding clothes for breastfeeding.

ElphabaTheGreen Sun 14-Oct-12 14:02:40

loulou Strangely, no and no. My go-to scoop neck tops are the maternity long-sleeved t-shirts I got from Mamas and Papas which are really stretchy and spring right back without looking at all pulled about - you also wouldn't know they were originally maternity wear. The t-shirts I wear around the house are v-neck Tesco cheapies. They're not holding up quite as well, perhaps, but better than you'd think, and they're fine underneath things or with a cunningly draped cardigan. smile

IShallCallYouSquishy Sun 14-Oct-12 21:43:17

I bought 2 bf tops that were worn 2/3 times and have been relegated to back of the drawer. Bloody awful and impracticable. I wear a cheapo primark vest top underneath whatever top I'm wearing. Top top hoicks up, bottom top pulls down just exposing the required bit. When out I drape a muslin but only because DD can not stay still and likes to pop off and have a good look around.

Emmiedarling Mon 15-Oct-12 07:02:26

Thank you thank you thank you! I wondered what everyone else was doing! Not even thought of the vest down top up! I suppose the only problem for me, is that I live in dresses - not the best idea unless its a wrap one!

In off to order some m & s vest tops! X

poppy283 Mon 15-Oct-12 07:16:32

As long as a dress is 'openable' enough, or a top is baggy/low/openable enough, you can wear anything.

I just make sure I have a scarf or even just a muslin to hand to cover any exposed skin.

blushingmare Mon 15-Oct-12 12:28:04

I do a combination of top up, vest down and JoJo Maman t shirts, which I find good. If you want specific bf dresses, I bought two lovely and versatile ones from Babes With Babies for a number of weddings/christenings. Have just come back from a holiday in Cyprus - spent the days in a tankini top and just hoiked the boob out without any attempt at decency all week - it was bliss, but somehow don't feel as unrestrained when feeding on the tube...!

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