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When to offer the second breast?

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Loislane78 Fri 12-Oct-12 20:48:15

Just that really, would appreciate some advice from more experienced feeders than me smile

DD is 8 wks and EBF. Since being a newborn she's been a fast eater - in that feeds are often only 10 mins. 7lb 2oz birth weight and at 6 wks weighed 10lb 2oz so I guess that's OK she's getting what she needs.

Last 2-3 days she's been grumpy and v sleepy, not lethargic. She wakes to feed but the feeds are getting shorter!! Lots of wet nappies, although poo is once a day/every other day.

Should I always offer the second boob, even though she almost never takes it? I'm worried she's not getting enough now she's bigger, or do they get even quicker feeders?

Sorry for long post! TIA

GodisaDJ Fri 12-Oct-12 21:02:19

At 8 weeks she's probably just levelling her feeding out.The first 6-8 weeks are very intense but she may well just be getting herself in to a little routine and getting more efficient at feeding. She may also be more aware of her surroundings, so ensure minimal stimulation at feed times (turn tv down, quiet ish room etc).

Could she have a bug if shes been tired/lethargic' for a few days? Or could be growth spurt, in that babies sleep more when growing? Bugs in breastfed babies (IMO only) tend not to be noticeable (DD had sickness bug which we all caught but I didn't notice until after we had that she'd had it first, as she just slept through it and went off milk for 24 hours)

There is no harm offering the 2nd breast, but don't force it on her. If she is steadily putting on weight, seems happy/alert and has wet nappies (poos also level off compared to early new born days) then she is fine.

You sound like you're doing a grand job, relax and enjoy it! wink

(From experience, when I offered the 2nd boob my dd would take it but barf it up again (eating too much) You just work out what works for you and your dd. For us, offering the 2nd never worked and my dd was like yours- done and dusted within 10 minutes on boob 1 then went back to sleep. People would comment if she was getting enough and that would make me worry, but she was getting plenty and was very efficient at nursing from very early on and so there was no need for me to worry)

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