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Very sore swollen nipples at 16 months - and not pregnant! What is it?

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LittleWaveyLines Thu 11-Oct-12 22:24:17

If it carries on like this I'll have to force wean as it's so bloody painful.... sad

I really don't think it's thrush - no pink/shineyness on me, or white patches in DD's mouth. I only wear cotton bras anyway.

Did a pregnancy test yesterday - negative. Haven't got my periods back anyway...

It started last week, but she had a cold then, so I put it down to that - but it's got worse!

Any ideas?

mawbroon Fri 12-Oct-12 09:29:45

Has she eaten anything different? Sometimes mothers' skin can react to traces of foodstuffs in an older nursling's saliva.

duchesse Fri 12-Oct-12 09:34:34

Negative test doesn't mean you're not pregnant. Happened to me- the being pregnant despite periods not having returned due to breastfeeding. DS was 12 m when I was pregnant again, 15 m when I found out I was pregnant and stopped breastfeeding him because it was unbearable.

LittleWaveyLines Fri 12-Oct-12 16:29:04

As it's been going on for a week I don't think it's reaction.

... duchesse - I have done a couple of cheapo internet pregnancy tests (left over from ttc but still in date) and they were all negative. I suppose it's possible, but surely unlikely?

duchesse Sun 14-Oct-12 21:27:27

TBH you could just be premenstrual. I found my hormones after having had DS were never the same again iyswim. I think it all changed after I'd been through the pregnancy/brestfeeding cycle.

LittleWaveyLines Tue 16-Oct-12 18:05:42

Hmm well whatever it was has gone now.... I hope it doesn't come back!

duchesse Wed 17-Oct-12 13:01:54

I predict the return of your periods soon. Beware- (if you're not ttc another) you will ovulate before your first period!

safetyzone Wed 17-Oct-12 13:39:27

Could be ovulaton - my nipples get a bit sore when that happens. Or is it just me?

LittleWaveyLines Wed 17-Oct-12 21:47:31

Hmmm ovulation could be a possibility (and I do hope my cycles are returning smile ) as I did have EWCM just before it got better.... I really hope it's not that bad every month though as it really was toe curling!

LittleWaveyLines Wed 17-Oct-12 22:31:39

duchess looks like you were right! grin ... bit of spotting so reckon my period is coming back.... either that or it;'s an implantation bleed confused

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