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Do I need to empty boobs one last time or will milk go itself?

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babyblabber Thu 11-Oct-12 07:56:03

It's been a week since I last BF DD who is 4 months. My boobs still feel full and heavy (though not overly engorged) and are sore. In the shower I can see a tiny but of milk on the nipple. Will the boobs calm down on their own or do I need to do something to help? Pump? Cabbage?

I thought I'd be back in balcony bras and sleeping in my front by now!!!

mrsfuzzy Thu 11-Oct-12 09:45:18

if you've stop breast feeding don,t express milk as the body will only make more and keep the situation going, cold cabbage works a treat as does simple pain killer, it will settle down, they may leak if your little one cries so it might be practical to use breast pads abit longer, i don't think you have to concern too much and just let nature takes its course, if your boobs don't settle and become very hot and painful it would be best to check with your gp,

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