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Really struggling with BF while pg

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Sparklyboots Wed 10-Oct-12 22:52:19

... that's it really. DS is 21 mo and fed on demand, except when I'm at work (PT). He's just had a bit of a wobbly period and done some growing so he's a boob monster atm. But it suddenly really hurts - no chance of dozing as he snuggles back down to sleep. I assume it's pg hormones, made worse in the presence of teeth. Any tips? Don't really see stopping as an option because it's so important to him, specially as I work.

AngelDog Thu 11-Oct-12 00:46:06

How far through are you?

I found it was horrible at first, but improved at about 8 weeks when DS decided he wasn't so interested after all (my supply noticeably dropped and his solids intake rocketed). The discomfort improved somewhere around the end of the first / early second trimester.

You can try distracting yourself during feeds (I read and clench my hands/feet when really bad), limiting the length or trying night weaning if that's a particular problem. I would tell DS when I got sore and offer cuddles instead, and he took it surprisingly well after a few initial upsets.

By the time my colostrum came in, it stopped being so sore, although he started feeding lots again.

Now I'm 37 weeks pg and it's been getting uncomfortable again, so at night I feed for a count of 10 then cuddle. He wasn't happy about that but is adjusting pretty well.

Have you read Adventures in Tandem Nursing by Hilary Flower? It's great, and covers all sorts of issues to do with nursing / weaning in pg and afterwards.

Sparklyboots Thu 11-Oct-12 11:21:22

Thanks, Angeldog. I am very early on - maybe 9 weeks, so crossing my fingers that it will get a bit easier for a while. I'll definately pick up the book, because I thought tandem feeding sounded lovely.

Night weaning isn't really an option right now because he's using the nightfeeds to make up what he doesn't get when I'm at work - it's the nightfeeds that are totally horrible though, the rest I can more or less cope with.

His solids intake has really rocketed, so maybe my supply is dipping? I'm a bit stressed that he's going to feel rejected in all this, and I don't think he's verbal enough to reason this all through. Plus I spilled tea on myself and one of my boobs is all scalded sad Though he has taken to kissing it and saying, "Ahhh" .

AngelDog Thu 11-Oct-12 22:46:11

I sympathise with the night feeds being horrible. DS very much went off them after a while (to my amazement) and pretty much dropped them in the middle of pg, though they've re-started again.

I think first trimester is a really common time for supply to dip.

DS has always been an enthusiastic feeder, but doesn't seem to have been bothered by the dropping supply, even though it meant going from 7 or 8 day feeds and 1-3 night feeds to 2 or 3 day feeds and no night feeds. It even got to the point where if he'd hurt himself or got upset in the day, he'd ask for "milk" but actually want a cuddle instead. He was about 24 months when I got pg.

He still wants less during the day, but I think it's likely to increase once my milk comes in post-baby.

It does get better, especially the discomfort!

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