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Feeding more , sleeping less??????

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melsy Tue 30-Dec-03 12:43:25

In the last few days my nearly 15wk old 10lb5oz DD, has upped her feeds to about 26 oz in 24 hrs.

On 22-24 oz, she amazingly started to sleep 7:00- 11:00 Dream fed bottle & then 5:00, so nearly a nights sleep as she dozes from 6:00 - to 7:00.

Now she has started to wake again at 3:00 for a bottle and then 5:00,we dont normally feed her here if done at 3:00. It feels as if she is more unsettled on more milk or is it that she is unsettled as wants more milk????? .
I just cant imagine her taking this amount by 7:00 pm to then go the whole night till 7:00 am, is this a long time away yet, how do I know when to drop the 11:00 dream feed(I wont yet as she seems to need it just curious)???

Not very well explained , hope someone knows what I mean

melsy Tue 30-Dec-03 13:12:42

Could I be missing something else, like the start of proper teething???

melsy Tue 30-Dec-03 13:52:01

No ideas, thoughts anyone????

dinosaur Tue 30-Dec-03 13:53:49

Sorry, never had a sprog that went to sleep so early when only 15 weeks, so no help at all here

StressyHead Tue 30-Dec-03 14:01:50

message withdrawn

melsy Tue 30-Dec-03 14:15:05

We alaways ,make 6 oz bottles for the 7am,11,3,7 bottles(but doesnt finish them all), but for the 7pm and 11pm they are little 4 oz bottles as she never takes more than that.

Shouls we experiment with leaving her and not feeding at 11:00?? We did this a few weeks ago and she kept waking at 2:00 & 5:00. My HV said this was the only bottle u dont drop for a long while.

melsy Tue 30-Dec-03 14:15:34

great grammer girl!!!!

StressyHead Tue 30-Dec-03 14:19:28

message withdrawn

melsy Tue 30-Dec-03 14:24:22

Dont worry wouldnt!!!!, But then if she is waking more for more milk then it might not yet be advisable until I know she can take more per bottle during the day. OOOh feel like I am answering own questions!!!!!

Thought to try it again anyway to see how she goes. Just dont look forward to doing this when hubby goes back to work in a couple of weeks , as I have to do all night feeds and early morning.

StressyHead Tue 30-Dec-03 14:27:49

message withdrawn

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