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Dc3 due soon and dreading the return to non-wired bras - how can I avoid the same problems again?

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Gentleness Mon 08-Oct-12 14:30:05

I love breastfeeding, apart from the first couple of tough weeks of course, and fed both my first 2 until they stopped themselves, both around 13mo (by which time I was pg again and my supply was dropping).

BUT I'm a pretty large cup size anyway and find nursing and other non-wired bras so dispiriting and unfeminine. The whole "shelf" look is not a good one for me! When ds2 stopped bf in the day and I could wear my nice underwired bras again it boosted my confidence enormously.

Worse, when wearing non-wired bras, I develop a redness under my breasts which isn't really sore but is very unsightly and uncomfortable. I've never found anything that gets rid of it until I get back to underwired again, with full cups, proper support. Then it clears up in less than a week. I don't think they make underwired nursing bras in a 36 or 38, G or H!

So - what can I do to head this off early this time?

I've tried talc, white vinegar, canestan, various nappy creams, and another natural remedy that I can't remember now. None worked before, but all were started after the problem had set in.

Help! It is the only negative side of breastfeeding to me, so I know I am lucky, but it is still unpleasant.

trixiefey Mon 08-Oct-12 15:58:42

They do make underwired bras in your size. Like you, I couldn't face months of non wired bras, so I treated myself to a trip to Rigby and Peller. But there are other places that sell them if you are nowhere near London.

ElphabaTheGreen Mon 08-Oct-12 16:11:53

You can get Anita underwired nursing bras here. I recently got one in 32G and I love it - it's like having my boobs back!

Gentleness Mon 08-Oct-12 16:12:05

Oooh - tell me some brands! I can't spend loads, but just having one would make such a difference.

Gentleness Mon 08-Oct-12 16:12:36


YoullLaughAboutItOneDay Mon 08-Oct-12 16:14:25

Anita. Seriously love them. Very pricey, but even if you can only afford one, totally worth it. I had two for a long time - one nude, one white.

Happygirl77 Mon 08-Oct-12 16:32:20

Hot Milk! smile Beautiful bras for larger bazooms (I'm a nursing F cup) and around £35 each

otchayaniye Mon 08-Oct-12 17:00:29

anita. i'm well over a year feeding dd2 but wear these to work they are better than my non feeding ones. nursingbrashop were really helpful.

Gentleness Mon 08-Oct-12 17:36:35

Thanks everyone! Might be about to invest!

HarlettOScara Tue 09-Oct-12 22:41:24

Another vote for Anita underwired bras. I'm currently in a FF cup and the Anita is flattering and comfortable.

marriednotdead Tue 09-Oct-12 22:58:22

If your expected size range is the ones you mentioned in your OP then most of the bras suggested so far won't fit. This Elomi one won't make you look super sexy but it's wired, generous in the cup and gives a really good lifted shape.

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