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Would this work? (Tandem feeding toddler and newborn, but want to mix feed NB straight away with out affecting supply)

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lilyatnighttime Mon 08-Oct-12 03:42:10

If I am tandem feeding both a toddler and a newborn am I able to introduce formula to the newborn early on without it affecting my supply?

armedtotheteeth Mon 08-Oct-12 04:13:10

As far as I know, introducing formula will always impact on your supply, although I think giving, say. one formula feed at a set time each day would cause less of a problem than 'topping up' at the end of feeds.

When is dc2 due and why are you thinking of mixed feeding if you don't mind me asking?

lilyatnighttime Mon 08-Oct-12 04:37:00

DC2 is due in 2 months and DS1 (15 months) shows no sign of slowing down. He is very emotionally attached to bf.

I want to introduce forumla from the beginning as I will need a break and I regret not doing the same for DS1, as I think if he had taken a bottle early then he wouldnt be so attached now.

I know it risks nipple confusion and supply issues so that is why Im wondering if a toddler keeps the supply up. If yes, then I will kept bf DS1 and mix feed the NB and sort out any nipple confusion issues at a later stage.

Just an unrelated question following on from your post armed when people 'top up' at the end of a feed, how do they know it is the end? I always just swapped breasts when DS1 stopped feeding and then if he looked hungry a short time later just started feeding him again. The 'end' of a feed was never clear so I cant understand how people can determine the 'end' and then top up?

Sorry is that question is jumbled, am a bit clueless about breastfeeding and always wondered about top ups.

Anyway back to anwser your question armed it will be bottles at a set time each day. DH will do it so I can have some time with DS1 alone.

MigGril Mon 08-Oct-12 06:13:00

that us the problem they don't know when a feed has ended. postern mums go by time our after giving both breast. This can lead to quit arouse supply issues.

Yes one feed a day at a set time is a better way to go. But do wait a few Weeks even if you don't wasn't to wait the full recommended six Weeks, 3 or 4 Weeks would be good as remember baby has to learn to breastfeed at the start and giving a bottle very early could cause real problems.

For what it worth each child is different I don't think giving a bottle to your eldest will have made a difference he would have just been very attached to you in another way. especially at this age as you are heading into peak separation anxiety time which normally peaks around 18 months.

lilyatnighttime Mon 08-Oct-12 09:25:15

Ok thanks.

So it seems I'm right in suspecting the breast feeds the toddler gets will substitute the formula feeds that the baby gets so my supply shouldn't be affected?

One of the unexpected benefits of breast feeding for a long time!

MigGril Mon 08-Oct-12 09:50:22

I suppose it would if you then drop the breastfeeds for your toddler then feed you're baby instead of the formula.

if that makes sense.

It will in the fact that if you didn't give baby any formula you would be making more milk for the baby and toddler.

Your probably less likely to have the issues with supply that a mum would who was only feeding one. I'd still wait a few Weeks to introduce a bottle though as baby needs to learn to breastfeed first.

tiktok Mon 08-Oct-12 10:00:18

This sounds a risky strategy to me, to be honest.

Toddlers of 15 mths don't take huge volumes of breastmilk unless they are having very small amounts of solid food. Even if they feed often, their intake is smaller than a young baby's.

Seems to me it would be easier to feed them both in the early weeks/months and then think about introducing a bottle then if you want to.

But babies get attached without breastfeeding! It is a good thing - whatever you did, he could have turned out the same. It can be hard work when you feel you don't have the opportunity of a break, but a bottle would not have made much difference to his emotional link to you.

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