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painful scar on breast 2 years after breast abscess surgery

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mekhaela Sun 07-Oct-12 10:20:06

i m new on this forum but read some of the things and i found it really helpful.
i need some help on my issue of painful scar on my left breast 2 years after my abscess surgery.
when i gave birth (c-sec) to my son 2 years back within 1.5 months i got a big abscess on my left breast which didnt respond to drugs and eventually i undergo another surgery (under general anesthesia), but i continued feeding my baby with right breast and within 1 month by left breast too. it was fne and i have a very light mark of scar but i felt it a slight thicknenig of skin which is also normal with scars on soft skin. now for 2-3 days i felt slight pain in my left nipple, i thot it was from abrasion by removing bra and doing some work but when i palpated it i found that the area of scar where i got abscess before is whole tender when i press it even lightly i feel it painful. i switched to sports bra for some extra suppport and comfy, less movement no doubt gave me gud nite's sleep but its sill painful when i touch it. i heard i need another surgery to get rid of this scar??? can it change in breast cancer?? is anyone suffering through same problem?? will it create problem with my second child (ritenow im NOT pregnant) want to plan another baby in near future.. please help very worried for this pain...

GEM33 Sun 07-Oct-12 23:12:11

Hi, maybe someone else will come along who has had a similar experience... I have no experience of what you have gone through but it sounds like you should get it checked out by doc I dont think anyone could answer your question about surgery or cancer without seeing it and being medically trained.
x I think you should get a gp appointment first thing tomorrow morning to put your mind at ease. x

mekhaela Wed 10-Oct-12 10:07:25

thanx alot trying to get an appontment

mekhaela Thu 11-Oct-12 19:44:28

i noticed remarkably less pain and tenderness in my scar as my monthly periods started ... this month they r delayed almost 15 days late ... but now im less painful much lesser pain ...

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