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Expressed breast milk left out for over 5 hours. Ok to use?

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teachertrainer80 Sat 06-Oct-12 15:41:54

DP deals with my expressed breast milk as it takes me about 40 minutes to express a single feed (manual pump). He left the bottle out accidentally, near the window and I just got in and put in in the fridge. I expressed the milk at 10 so 5 and a half hours ago.

Is it ok to use? Am pretty annoyed as it takes me ages to express and I'm finding feeding and expressing quite painful...

McPhee Sat 06-Oct-12 15:44:52

Hmm I'm not sure, but something is telling me I wouldn't confused

DoubleYew Sat 06-Oct-12 15:51:12

From Kellymom

Room temperature

61-79°F / 16-26°C

4-8 hours
(ideal: 3-4 hours)

SamSmalaidh Sat 06-Oct-12 15:51:21

EBM can be stored at room temperature for about 12 hours, so it will be fine. When are you planning to use it? Usually it would last about a week in the fridge but you might want to use it sooner than that if it has been a room temp for a while first.

MikeOxard Sat 06-Oct-12 15:52:48

If it's pretty cold in your house then it will probaby have been ok. If it's hot or been in direct sunlight then probably not. Xx

teachertrainer80 Sat 06-Oct-12 15:57:14

thanks all. it was by the window but dp assures me that the window gets no direct sunlight. i am always one to err on the side of caution but it just took me so long to express and was the feed dp was to give in the night so i can get a few hours much needed sleep....gonna ring the midwife for advice i think.

DoubleYew Sat 06-Oct-12 16:02:08

I'd ring one of the helplines unless your midwife actually knows about breastfeeding. Breastmilk is not like formula, it is a sterile product and apparently stinks when its off.

SamSmalaidh Sat 06-Oct-12 16:05:33

You would be able to tell if milk is off - by the taste/smell. If you're using it tonight then I really wouldn't worry.

teachertrainer80 Sat 06-Oct-12 17:04:01

The midwife said it is fine if anyone gets in a similar pickle! Had a sniff and it smells fine too. Phew!

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