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Feeling a little sad...

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I'm sure the pregnancy hormones aren't helping but tonight is the first night since my 20 month old DS was born that he's gone to sleep without a breastfeed.

It's a good thing really because I'm due in less than 2 weeks and I need to know he can fall asleep without it but at the same time I feel quite upset, I'm actually having a little cry that my baby (Yes pfb) is growing up.

I'm hoping to tandem feed when DC2 arrives but have an intense fear now that DS is going to self-wean before I get the chance... I never thought I'd be bothered a few months back when I was suffering awful nursing aversion but it seems like a bit of a challenge now... I don't know anyone in RL feeding a toddler and I sort of want to prove people wrong, I know that sounds silly but I think tandem feeding will help them bond.

Anyway I'm rabbiting on now, just needed to get it out there so I don't dwell on it too much. Thanks for reading

NoWittyName Thu 04-Oct-12 22:23:31

Nothing constructive to say, but sending a hug. xx

Ah thank you. Well it wasn't quite the success I thought.. He woke up 2 hours later very cross and demanding milk. He then fed like a newborn! I haven't fed him after he's fallen asleep in about 5 months. He skipped his after-nap feed yesterday as well but ate as much as usual - can he really have needed the extra food I wonder?! He certainly seemed like he did.

I've a feeling he is starting to sense the baby is coming and needs a little more comfort. Whatever the case I'll keep following his lead and just hope he's happy with a cup of milk if I'm away for too long

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