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How to stay awake during night feeds part 2, sleepy mice need not apply

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technoduck Thu 04-Oct-12 04:06:09

Carrying on are good work from the first thread , how do we keep are selfs awake? By chatting to each other sleepy heads!

TeaandHobnobs Wed 24-Oct-12 10:54:55

New thread everyone!

MrsNPattz Wed 24-Oct-12 10:48:24

In other news - my American soda delivery has just arrived, just what I needed today!! grin

TeaandHobnobs Wed 24-Oct-12 10:41:36

DS got even worse from 4am and woke every hour sad I wish my sleep-addled brain had twigged earlier that he was waking because of his teeth, then I could have given him calpol. Instead when I heard him doing his "my teeth hurt" noises, I reach for the dentinox gel without even opening my eyes! I have learnt my lesson.

I just turned 29 and DH turns 29 in the new year. We live round the corner from SE27! grin

DS has been suffering teething pain for almost 2 months now, with no sign of anything coming through. I'm still intending to continue bfing once they come through, but it might just require a bit of adjustment!

Off to weaning class in a minute, then I have a dental assessment at the hospital this afternoon about my wisdom tooth extraction sad

See y'all on the next thread!

MrsNPattz Wed 24-Oct-12 10:27:46

Well that's mum gone, ew I feel rubbish. And so guilty that we live so far away sad I would give anything to move back home but it's not gonna happen. And like mum said we wouldn't have little fella if I hadn't met hubby and moved here. But it's still so bloody hard. Anyway, just have to get on with it and look forward to 4 weeks on fri when we go there for a week!

It's nearly new thread time!

Tallgiraffe Wed 24-Oct-12 09:50:53

BabyG has given me his cold sad so I now get to feel tired and snotty!

I've heard lots of poor things re HV and prem babies, sounds like some need some major retraining! Ours is lovely though and is coming shortly so I really should get up - DH has had miniG since 6 so I could sleep grin

Hope you all get a nap, see you on the next thread!

Clumsasaurus Wed 24-Oct-12 09:03:55

Welcome smiley and empty

Babysaurus had a good night after a scary start! Little poppet slept from 10 to 08:30 with a qucpick feed around 4.... I feel like I need to surrender my membership to this thread as it stow nights on the trot...! Although, like pops I'm not counting my chickens yet!

I'm 34 and DH is 35, I still feel 19 but look more like 100 with some impressive dark circles... Hello eye roller ball thingy!

I completely forgot when I posted last night, those with teething probs google Baltic amber for teething and hazelwood - both are natural remedies and usually worn on the baby (not chewed) and reduces symptoms, a friend of mine swears by amber. Good luck xx

HorridHeffalumpsWickedWoozles Wed 24-Oct-12 07:47:32

Forgot up say welcome smiley and empty smile

HorridHeffalumpsWickedWoozles Wed 24-Oct-12 07:46:45

Morning, our night was good again once we got up to bed, 2am before she fell asleep again but then slept through to now so I can't complain smile

Sorry to hear there's lots of babies with teething pains. I feel so sorry for them they don't know what's happening just that it hurts, no wonder they cry sad Hope you can all find some relief!

mrsn I'm 26 and DH is 29 tomorrow. He's been all mopey this week because he hates birthdays apart from the cake bit!

So what is everyone up to today? We're meeting a friend for lunch in town & making a massive mess birthday cards for DH.

Just been thrown up on so signing off now, have a good day everyone smile

MrsNPattz Wed 24-Oct-12 07:32:26

Hi smiley and empty

Lol at susie - I feel 110 too!

tall haha that's funny!

goat no granny's on this thread, just yummy mummy's grin

Another feed here, so got another 2.5 hours ish. Certainly not as good as the last few nights. I think that will be us up for the day because I want mum to come to the clinic with us and as she is leaving this morning (sad) we have to get there early. Then it will be a day on the sofa with lots of tears for me blush

Goatbongosanonymous Wed 24-Oct-12 06:59:47

So much for those first two hours sad - up at 11, 12, 1, 3, 5 and 6. Just wouldn't feed properly so kept waking up hungry.

minipop my other pet hate is hvs who think a prem is just a small full termer. And therefore just needs to sleep a bit more.

Susie grin at 110 years old - so I am not the granny!!

Susieloo Wed 24-Oct-12 06:21:57

Welcome empty and *smileysmile

Susieloo Wed 24-Oct-12 05:55:50

Arghhh posted at 2 but forgot to click send.

Weirdest gift was my friend who I saw when babyloo was about 2.5 months and about 15lb at that that point and she bought me a lovely fleecey thing in size newborn so up to 8lb 8ozgrin. I also has lots of sort of rattle things that said suitable for a newborn but were covered in furry stuff that I didn't fancy him putting in his mouth.

I am 110 years old now 36 because of the lack of sleep and dp is 37grin

We are up for the day, babyloo awake at 5 and did all his morning poos in three separate nappies!

Will have a leisurely read through the nights posts with a coffee.

MiniPopsMum2012 Wed 24-Oct-12 05:53:00

goat we had a great time away, and didn't have to take everything as grandparents had got a lot in, thank goodness. However we really didn't have much room as out car is so small, so I took the smallest bag of clothes ever smile

MiniPopsMum2012 Wed 24-Oct-12 05:49:43

goat I really hate rose centile charts, can't remember if I have moaned on here or another thread about them, but I think they're just something HVs use to make us all feel bad.

Minipop's 21 weeks actual age 11 weeks corrected.

We've just had an 11pm to 5am sleep grin which I will gladly take (again). So that's there good sleeps in a row - we may be getting some where, although I am not holding my breath.

Me and my DP are both 35 confused and we're south of London a little bit.

Can't really think of weird presents we've got. Someone bought us a teddy bear that's 4ft 9"x tall. It's huge & currently sitting on a chair in the dining room smile

Sorry to read about all the rubbish nights, hope the teething is settling down, thinking we had a bit of teeth movement yesterday. Goodness me, if it's not one thing it's another, thes poor babies!

EmptyCrispPackets Wed 24-Oct-12 05:45:49

Can I join in?

Baby 12 days old, fed every 1.5-2 hrs during night

Feeding now. Am so getting a lay in today.

smileyhappymummy Wed 24-Oct-12 05:38:07

Can I join as well? Baby smiley will be 3 weeks old on Thursday and considering she's so new probably isn't doing badly at nights - but am knackered by the waking up every hour and a half!
I'm 34, dh will be 35 tomorrow!

Goatbongosanonymous Wed 24-Oct-12 05:31:23

Ooh, am I the granny of the thread? I am on the 40+ mums thread as well as this one!

Oh, and DH is my toy boy at 37... wink

Tallgiraffe Wed 24-Oct-12 05:24:44

mrsn are you sure you're not me?! I'm 28 and DH is 10 years older grin

MummyVicky18 Wed 24-Oct-12 05:13:40

Got another 2hrs under my belt so with 4+ hours sleep today might be better

Not superhuman girls lol I did my baking when I got up yesterday but half are over baked and all still need icing and my nails took half the day to do lol I did most of my nails once he went sleep at 8.30

I'm 27 & hubby is 30 both soon to be older sad

I can't understand who buys such expensive stuff for a baby. Now we have a few rl & ted baker items for baby J but they are all hand downs or from the car boot (grinwhy pay £30 for a baby top when you can get it for £2 lol)

Smallgreenone Wed 24-Oct-12 04:49:35

I'm 31 and DH is 34.
So baby small did 7 hours had a bottle and some boob at 2 and is now up again feeding again how can that be?! confused

funchum8am Wed 24-Oct-12 04:32:29

mrsn I am 34 and DH is ten days younger smile

funchum8am Wed 24-Oct-12 04:30:44

Babyfunch is really struggling to settle tonight, I think it's because she is s bit sniffly and bunged up. Looks like I am up for the duration now sad tea, vicky and others having a bad night. I am sharing your pain.

MrsNPattz Wed 24-Oct-12 04:28:11

Second feed here, went down at 1, and had a whimper at 2 but Ewan worked a treat.

tall oh my gosh - unbelievable! People must buy these things though!! Would love to have enough money to not have to worry about a price tag like that for a baby grin

small we have a colony of comforters in his cot too wink

vicky you are definitely superhuman doing your nails and making cupcakes but good on you smile

Here's a nosy question but don't answer if offended, how old is everyone? I'm 27. Hubby is 10 years older confused but we never notice the age gap!

Clumsasaurus Wed 24-Oct-12 04:26:43

Thank you for all the sling advice! :-) I'll look into a fling library - fab idea! Unfortunately SE27 is miles away from us as. We are north London but will have a google :-)

What is it with Ralph Lauren and babies? We had an RL gift too but a super practical jersey all in one!

So sorry to hear about all the poorly teeth, I hope you all get some rest soon (dreading teething!) how are you going BFing with little chompers coming through?

TeaandHobnobs Wed 24-Oct-12 03:59:44

<groan> waking every 2 hours here with full on crying because of teething pain. Urgh...

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