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How to stay awake during night feeds part 2, sleepy mice need not apply

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technoduck Thu 04-Oct-12 04:06:09

Carrying on are good work from the first thread , how do we keep are selfs awake? By chatting to each other sleepy heads!

MiniPopsMum2012 Fri 05-Oct-12 04:25:30

smiche it doesn't sound gloating at all. Don't worry. Don't think anyone on this thread would think that. I am very jealous

Minipop's just gone from 11:30 To 4am :-D he did need settling back at 2:30am though. So not quite sleeping through the but he did manage nearly 3 hours in a row.

After two/three days of around 90 mins sleep a night, this is amazing!

susie sending you some sleepy dust on the mice

goat ouch at nipple Olympic confused

Hello everyone else, hope you all get back to sleep very soon. 25 mins left of the vertical holding post feed smile

Goatbongosanonynous Fri 05-Oct-12 04:33:22

And now... Out, oh damned reflux!

Hooray for Smicha and Minipop getting a bit more sleep, long may it continue to accumulate!

technoduck Fri 05-Oct-12 04:37:36

Have only been up twice since midnight so not to bad really just doing the second feed now. Hope that everyone else is getting bait more sleep than me!

Whatevertheweather Fri 05-Oct-12 05:35:15

Well done smicha and mini smile

She finally went back down around 3am. Needing settling at 4am and is now on night feed 2. Have to get up at 6.30am anyway. Am going to need a nap today!! I so wish we could snuggle down on the sofa together but am too scared to go against advise.

Are your dc's still in Moses baskets? I'm sure dp's snoring is disturbing her. She's only quite little still about 9lbs at 7 wks so seems way to early to move her to cot.

Susieloo Fri 05-Oct-12 05:44:10

We were up again at 3.40 and now we are feeding again, we seem to have gone back weeks tonight.

Re Moses basket I wish that I had moved babyloo a lot sooner than I did, I wish he had started in a cot but that's primarily because he grew quite quickly he seemed to really hate it in there, seemed almost claustrophobic at times, the hv was really pushing him to stay in it because he would feel safe but I wish I had trusted my instincts and moved him sooner. I think you'll know when it's time to move to a cotsmile

Dp's alarm going off on 1 hour 15 and yesterday we ended up getting up at this time because he wouldn't settle. Feel like I haven't slept at all.,

BabylonPI Fri 05-Oct-12 05:52:27

I'm up too SusieLoo


Soooooo tired.

ReturnOfTheMunx Fri 05-Oct-12 05:53:53

Amazingly he went down in his Moses from after the 2am feed until 5.30!


Glad to hear some babies sleeping well tonight, sorry to hear some not.....

I just keep thinking it has to get better, my 21 mo DD sleeps right through 7-8am so there's hope!

ReturnOfTheMunx Fri 05-Oct-12 05:54:32

sad babylon

It's so hard, I know.

technoduck Fri 05-Oct-12 06:30:07

Ducking is on his third feed now. Still keep falling asleep with him in my arms. Can't wait for this growth spurt to be over! What happened to my lovely baby that slept for four hours on the trot?

Smicha Fri 05-Oct-12 06:51:21

Up again, but another reasonable sleep between! Heffalump, we get exploding poo during night feeds too...wonder why that is? It fired all over my nightie mid-change a few nights ago. Oh the glamour! DH is on nappies all night tonight though as it's his last day of paternity leave so wants to make sure he can help as much as poss while he can. Think I'll send him to make me breakfast too!

MrsNPattz Fri 05-Oct-12 06:56:49

Tonight we got from half 11-2, 3-4 and 4:45-6 so at least we have had some sleep, hoping he will go down again soon so I can get a bit more grin

missingmymarbles Fri 05-Oct-12 09:05:43

Rubbishy night last night.
Similar pattern to MrsN: she went down at 8, up at 11.15, 1.20 (until 2.15), 3.30. Seems to have completely regressed also, Susie; our babies have been comparing notes again and upped their jeep-mummy-awake-gamehmm
Like Techno I fell asleep with Missmarbles in my arms and decided it would be safer just to co-sleep from about 4.40. I co-slept from time to time with DD1, but always kicked DH out to the spare room, but we don't have a spare room here, so I am a little wary but he's a much lighter sleep now than he use to be. Anyway, managed to get some sleep since then, and Missmarbles is full of chat and giggles this morning. Bless her, I think it was snot keeping her awake. Having just got over her last cold about a week ago, she seems to have another and she had injections yesterday too.
Have quite a busy day today, hope I make it to bed time....

Tooodlepip Fri 05-Oct-12 18:57:19


Seems everyone been up forever, ok I'm going over the top but techno description of feeling like a zombie is accurate grin

I haven't been on much, been reading though middle of the night, been sick with a throat infection I must be really run down.

anyway hope everyone else (I won't) gets some sleep tonight, I'm considering evicting this mouse thingy they don't like me much grin

Susieloo Fri 05-Oct-12 20:35:44

Last feed before bed and I'm really hoping we don't do a repeat of last nights midnight, 2.30, 3.40, 5.15 and then up at 6.30 for the day. I have been on nap watch today and he had a solid 2.30 at lunch time and then I have tried really hard to keep him awake so that we can try and re-establish day and night, really hoping it doesn't go the other way and he's so overtired he won't sleep, I'm going to aim to be in bed by ten in case we are up a lot again.

I bought babyloo a grobag from mother care and I had to get him a size 6-9 months based on his weight and then spent an interesting afternoon putting babyloo in it and seeing if he could manoeuvre underneath it!! I have decided that the arm holes are too big and so he could end up with it over his face so grrrrrr will have to wait until he is bigger.

Wishing everyone a peaceful night, really hoping I'm not back on until at least 1.30!!

MiniPopsMum2012 Fri 05-Oct-12 20:39:52

Well monopoly has turned into a snot monster, it's really bad. He's kept choking & coughing in his sleep & then again when feeding. Think it might be a long night, bless him xx

MiniPopsMum2012 Fri 05-Oct-12 21:18:41

Stupid phone - MiniPop (not Monopoly!)

missingmymarbles Fri 05-Oct-12 21:24:34

Missmarbles is absolutely shattered. We have had a really busy day, and that combined with her jabs yesterday and snot that has developed into a full blown cold, she was exhausted, bless her. We went out this evening after collecting DD1 from school as it is my birthday this weekend and we can't go out either tomorrow or Sunday, so we had a lovely family outing but Missmarbles didn't sleep despite being tired due to all the exciting noises and sights. I hope she wasn't over-stimulated but she went down at 7.30 and I haven't heard a peep yet. I am so hoping that she has a good night and perhaps puts herself back into the better routine we had before she decided daytime naps were only possible for longer than 10 minutes if in our arms, and nighttime merely meant sleeping between 2 hourly feeds rather being awake as in the day....

Hope the Sleepy Mouse bites all the babies, so mummies can catch those zzzz's toosmile

Goatbongosanonynous Fri 05-Oct-12 21:45:24

Toodlepip I really hope you feel loads better soon.
Same for Minipop and missmarbles - here's to good breathing, poor things.
Susieloo you have given me pause for thought. I was going to buy a grobag for Kidlet but he has stupidly skinny arms and is a prem so may not fit yet? I am desperately trying to think of ways to help him sleep anywhere that is not on top of me!

MiniPopsMum2012 Fri 05-Oct-12 22:00:13

goat how prem was your little one? Minipop was born at 30wks. He's over 13lbs now, at 8 weeks corrected x

technoduck Fri 05-Oct-12 22:09:41

Clocking in for the night shift
Just doing are 30mins up right time after his feed.
Will report back later!

TeaandHobnobs Fri 05-Oct-12 22:28:20

grin Monopoly. I can't believe he is only 8 weeks corrected, he doesn't look it, he is doing so so well!

Sorry for snotty babies and sore-throated mums - it is so hard to fight things off when you are so exhausted sad

DS has had quite a good day, so the teething seems to have settled a bit (no dentinox used at all today!). He wouldn't have is usual mid evening nap, and ended up crashing on DH just before 10, so I've had to forgo the change into his night cloth nappy and just put him to bed as he is, and hope the nappy will last him til morning!

Starting to have minor wobbles about DS' prem clinic check up next week - rationally I'm sure there is nothing to be concerned about, but I'm worried they will notice something that I've missed confused Can't believe he is less than 3 weeks off the 6 month milestone, madness!

Where's Saritabean by the way? Hope you are ok out there.

Time for me to join DS me thinks - although we've just had takeaway curry for dinner and I feel a bit blergh...

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Sat 06-Oct-12 00:13:44

Sorry to hear of all the snotty babies, not much fun for them or the mums trying to keep them comfortable.

Well we're on first feed of the night, I came up to bed after feeding at half 9 to get a few hours head start on the sleep front and DH has just come up with baby lump who is not looking tired at all and being a bit fussy again. We co slept for the last part of last night but I don't like to bring her in properly until we've got a new mattress as its starting to sag a little which isn't safe. She's in a 3 sided bedside crib so that's been great but to prevent her from bring too much on our mattress I almost have to put myself in the crib!

Here's to lots of happily snoozing babies (and mums!) tonight smile

MiniPopsMum2012 Sat 06-Oct-12 00:29:51

Hey techno - 30 min upright action going online here too following 11:30pm feed smile

thanks tea we had our first neo natal check up last week & all was ok, so I am sure baby tea will be fine (its hard not to worry though, isn't it?).

I was wondering where sarita had gone to, as well.

Poor Mimipop is really suffering, but managed to get an little bit of sleep.

Susieloo Sat 06-Oct-12 01:20:19

1st feed of the night has not gone wellsad

Babyloo woke up at twelve like the last two nights but tonight very definitely did not want to go back to sleep so I have abandoned keeping him in our bedroom and we are both downstairs watching tv, dp is merrily snoring his head off and I'm already dreading today because babyloo is going to want to sleep all day, I just don't think he can do a big nap in the day and then settle after feeds at night or sleep for long stretches at night after a big daytime sleep.

No idea what time we will be going back to bed, not anytime soon by the looks of it.

MrsNPattz Sat 06-Oct-12 01:22:57

First feed of the night here, he's not been very settled all evening so will see what the rest of the night brings!

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