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Anyone finding that breastfeeding is stopping weight loss?

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Cheekychops84 Wed 03-Oct-12 19:28:12

Is it me or could breastfeeding be making my weight linger more? Because after 9 weeks EBF if lost wait for it nowt ! I'm eating normally aside from odd choccie and walking when I can 3 kids not easy to make them walk but I'm just plurgh looking all boobs hips and belly my boobs are huge btw really not in a good way in an everything pointing down south way :/

Bobkins Wed 03-Oct-12 20:14:25

I expected the weight to drop off. My daughter is now 7 weeks and I'm still carrying it. However, I think it may be down to the huge amounts of cake I have consumed since child birth !! Diet started Monday and by 10.00 am, my tummy rumbled for the first time in about a year xx

Cheekychops84 Wed 03-Oct-12 20:33:05

Lol bobkins I have days like that but overall I'm trying to be good but I'm pretty big anyway (Size 18) :/ but getting peed off

pombal Wed 03-Oct-12 20:39:08

DS is 2yrs 3months and I just can't shift the last few kilos of 'baby' weight, I'm sure it's due to BF and not cake grin

MigGril Wed 03-Oct-12 20:43:42

Give it time ladies, I lost the initial weight water retention bit relatively quickly. But took till about 10 months with both of mine to be back to pre pregnancy weight. actually I seemed to lose a fair bit of weight at that time, it just drop of I was still eating cake.

shattereddreams Wed 03-Oct-12 20:49:48

It's a known MN fact that not everyone sheds weight breast feeding.

I'm a size 12, 5'7" and EBF both of mine till 10 months when I had to stop to go back to work and none of my work clothes fit. I couldn't afford new clothes.

I swear I lost not a jot, not one gram of weight whilst feeding.
Once stopped, it fell off about 1-2lb a month. I changed nothing, diet or exercise.

PoppyWearer Wed 03-Oct-12 20:53:27

Breatfeeding NEEDS extra calories. On the Weight Watchers plan you get a whopping 14 extra pro points for full breastfeeding and 7 for mixed feeding.

Definitely give it time. Took me 9 months (last 3 months of which were one bf a day) with DC1 to lose the extra weight. This time with DC2 it took 12 months but I am bf'ing 2-3 times a day this time.

Now is not the time to be thinking of this....let yourself enjoy your new baby bubble for a few months at least!

PoppyWearer Wed 03-Oct-12 20:54:28

P.S. when you are ready, I do recommend Weight Watchers. They take bfing into account. Friends have also managed to lose weight sensibly with their programme.

Cheekychops84 Wed 03-Oct-12 21:20:40

I can't afford weight watchers sad decorating and Xmas coming up and being on maternity leave sad so that's the gym off the list too ! sad I just want to look nice and not have my hips and belly per trudging every time I walk past the mirror. :/

Teapot13 Wed 03-Oct-12 21:57:19

I think a lot of women find more weight comes off when the little one weans. Something about the body keeping reserves until it's no longer the sole source of nourishment. I definitely lost more later -- also I spent the first 3 months on the couch. . . might have played a role. . .

SarryB Wed 03-Oct-12 21:58:25

Hah, I'm 5 months after birth, and it's still hanging around!

My mum (BF 7 children, all for different lengths of time), said that her weight came off once she finished BF, like her body was holding onto the fat reserves until they weren't needed any more.

BobbysBeardOfWonder Wed 03-Oct-12 22:03:37

I put in weight bf DC1 envy but somehow lost weight in the past month or so bf DC2 smile
I did scoff cakes first time round though blush
Also I think your body hangs on to the calories/fat until bf is firmly established (eg 3months) so maybe give it a bit more time. I find cutting out cakes & biscuits is better for energy levels in the long run anyway.

jenbird Wed 03-Oct-12 22:48:15

I def lost weight whilst breastfeeding. Not at the start but like someone mentioned above when they weaned. It just suddenly seemed to drop off. I am hoping for the same again!

Cheekychops84 Thu 04-Oct-12 08:03:06

Great stories here thank you smile glad it's not just me then :D thing is I don't dare put any more on :/ ! I better keep moving! Good thing is our tv is broke !

potas Thu 04-Oct-12 09:01:49

I've been trying to walk more and eat less for the last 2 -3 weeks (10 week old baby) doesnt matter what I eat - every morning I weigh exactly the same - its bizarre!! I'm focussing on just toning up a bit instead

Cheekychops84 Thu 04-Oct-12 09:48:35

It's so annoying isn't it !

osterleymama Thu 04-Oct-12 11:41:52

I gained weight breastfeeding because I was permanently hungry and sitting down a lot. I think I gained an extra stone or so after giving birth. I just could not stop eating! It started to come off quite fast when I stopped at 9 months. I also did the dukan diet on and off for about a month and a half and the jillion Reynolds shred DVD. Lost nearly 4 stone in 6 months.

SarryB Thu 04-Oct-12 12:05:13

Yeah, I'm permanantly hungry too. Only for cake though. Not fruit.

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