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Rubbish at expressing, advice please!

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moojie Wed 03-Oct-12 14:37:09

6mo ds2 is fully breastfed and never had a bottle as I'm rubbish at expressing milk. Tried it all...hand/manual/hospital grade electric pump and only get 60ml max per session. I was the same with ds1 who ended up being mixed fed.

I really want to go out for the day with ds1 and do something just us but will probably miss 2 feeds. I have enough supply in the freezer and I think ds2 will take it in a cup. Will my milk supply be ok missing 2 feeds?

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 03-Oct-12 17:13:56

I was rubbish at expressing with DC1 and not much better with DC2, so you have my sympathy.

I think at 6 months your supply will be fine missing 2 feeds although you might want to express at least once, just for your own comfort. I'm not trained though so someone might come along soon and correct me!

If you can't take a pump out with you, then you might want to express some off by hand expressing.

moojie Wed 03-Oct-12 22:02:04

I think I would be able to express while we were out...probably only a measly 30ml or something! I so envy my friends who fire out 200ml in 5 mins!

I just don't want to mess with my supply but I think ds1 could do with some mummy time!

TeaandHobnobs Wed 03-Oct-12 22:39:56

200ml in 5 mins? Really? Lucky sods grin

DS is approaching 6mo and like you I can only usually get 60ml in one pumping session, unless he's slept longer overnight and therefore I am a bit more full in the morning, in which case I can get about 100ml.

One day away isn't going to mess up your supply I would think. If you are going to be away for two feeds or more you probably will want to express for comfort (but it doesn't need to be a full express IYSWIM? Just to get you comfortable). Bet you'll want to plug baby in as soon as you get home though!

Hope you have a lovely day out with DS1 smile

moojie Thu 04-Oct-12 07:51:51

Ok maybe that was a slight exaggeration but not far off! I'm glad to know it's not just me who has problems expressing. I think the fact that I fine it so stressful doesn't help.

Thanks for you advise. I can get planning a lovely day out now!

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