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wahey, made it to 6mo ebf!

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BigBoPeep Wed 03-Oct-12 11:47:31

....Not really sure what to do now. I have no choice but to go back to work next week and she's going through a REALLY clingy stage where I can't be out of sight or she screams blue murder so very concerned about how that will go. Happy to keep her breastfed for at least 1yr but wonder if i should be making an effort to get her eating more solids as I don't want a massive struggle to wean her off boob. I plan to get pregnant (body willing) in a couple of months so it may happen anyway naturally but if not I'm wondering if I actually do want to tandem feed and wean 'whenever'. This clingy stage is making me feel a bit antsy, not least because dad's wages don't in any way support us as a family so I HAVE to 'do my bit' sort of thing and of course suddenly she's like a little limpet, back to having a newborn kind of thing and NOBODY else can comfort her at all. So I have to look after her 24/7, and go out to work (only for 3/4hrs a day in 2hr blocks) in the knowledge she's screaming at home....she's apits any kind of solid food out in abject horror.

nickeldaisical Wed 03-Oct-12 11:51:04

you can time feeds for before you leave and immediately you come back.

you could also express some milk and have her fed it when you're not there.

DD wouldn't do solids until at least 8 months, so don't worry about that - this is where baby-led weaning is useful - you can get her distracted by offering her food and letting her play with it.

you need to leave the house when she's asleep or busy.
and have whoever is looking after her cuddling and walking round with her - distracting her.

she will get used to a new routine smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 03-Oct-12 12:32:30

Do you think it could be the six month growth spurt or Separation Anxiety?.

Think that nickle has some great tips for dealing with this. Just wondered who will be looking after her while you are away and have you had any trial runs?

BigBoPeep Wed 03-Oct-12 14:34:11

good that others dont take any solids until later! all i get told about is 'well in our day they were weaned at 4mo'.........hmm

i think it could be teething, growth spurt AND separation axiety! one minute she was lovely, had even started going to bed, being settled down with a feed and then i got a couple of hours me time before getting in with her - then the two teeth erupted and it all went out the window - she's been whingey constantly and now increasingly clingy and totally focussed on ME, alone.

sounds awful, i love her of course and sympathise with the teeth, lovingly spoon in the paracetemol and let her cry and chew my hand/hair/face if the toy won't do and have managed to stay calm and devote all my time possible to cuddling and feeding and entertaining....but i guess the going to work deadline just makes me panic a bit and think 'we need some kind of plan here!'

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 03-Oct-12 14:44:11

If it is teething try ibruprofen instead of paracetamol, its much better with dental pain and try a teething gel, like Dentinox, before solids and at bedtime.

Other things you can try are a frozen banana, a clean wet flannel to chew on or some big chunks of cold cucumber.

BigBoPeep Wed 03-Oct-12 14:46:28

ah ok, all good tips thanks! although ive been avoiding mouth numbing gels to avoid getting accidentally nipped!

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 03-Oct-12 14:47:53

Distract her with a toy in the other hand or cbeebies. Know what you mean but don't think I was ever nipped, I did however loose many nights of sleep.....

blossombath Wed 03-Oct-12 22:14:11

Congratulations on six months ebf!

I think they adapt to new routines more easily than we do, and the pattern of your working - short, frequent times apart rather than long stretches with more time between them - will probably help her to adapt quickly. (Not sure that makes sense...but they do advise, for example, settling children into nurseries in two or three half days a week rather than one day a week iyswim)

I have no real practical advice since my DS is only a few weeks older than yours, but just wanted to say congrats and try not to worry too much - if you approach this new phase as confidently as possibly it will help your DD to take it in her stride. IM(limited)E whenever I start thinking 'we need a plan' things get more stressful but when I just go with the flow and try to accept chaos things as they are, it all goes much more smoothly.

BigBoPeep Sun 07-Oct-12 12:35:13

i think you're right blossom. every plan i've had so far has caused more trouble than it's worth...guess i just gotta roll with and not get all tensed up!!

LAF77 Sun 07-Oct-12 13:18:33

Congratulations and I sympathise OP as I have the same issue. DS screamed the place down with the new nanny and DH on Friday. He only wanted me. It was pretty grim. His top front tooth finally pushed through yesterday. We will see how we go tomorrow with the new nanny.

We have just moved house so it is all an adjustment.

He wants me to feed him to sleep and he stays latched on for awhile. He doesn't want a dummy. He is such a happy boy. I don't want to do something to make him unhappy.

No advice other than to say you aren't the only one.

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