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Advice on spacing out feeds

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Gavotte Wed 03-Oct-12 11:27:53

Hi, my daughter is 10 weeks and breastfeeds pretty much hourly during the day. She doesn't take much each time (feeds for 5-10 minutes) and I'm trying - unsuccessfully - to get her to take more so she goes longer between feeds. (To pre-empt anyone wanting to say just put up with it - I can't, as I'm back at work, with home childcare - the alternative is switching to formula, which I'd rather avoid if I can).

I've tried nappy changes, offering the other breast, putting her back on a couple of minutes after she loses interest - none of these seems to encourage her to take more, or to go any longer between feeds. Is there anything else I can try either to space her out or to take more in at a single time?

Many thanks in advance!

forevergreek Wed 03-Oct-12 11:37:17

I would continue with what you are doing. Try 10 mins on each side if possible. Maybe let her cluster feed for a few hours in the eve ( once you have finished work), and she may too herself up enough to sleep through a bit also.

Also could you express? Maybe express an afternoon feed so you feed at lunch then the next feed is in bottle with childcarer? Will gie you a few hours to work ( I'm assuming you work for home?)

Another thing, if your happy for potential crying. Feed, and if she's had a good feed from each side she should be able to go at least 2 hours. Can your nanny take her out for a walk for a few hours and just come back after two hrs from last feed ( yes she may cry in pram/ sling but should be fine)

So feed 10am- baby then sleeps/ gets taken for walk
Feed midday on return
Baby plays/ naps
Next feed expressed so someone else can feed ( or formula if you like) around 2pm

And you should be able to feed next at 4pm
At least giving you an almost 2 hr am break and 4 hour pm

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 03-Oct-12 11:43:16

Has she been checked for Tongue Tie and have you had your latch checked recently? Is your latch anything like this?

Seriouslysleepdeprived Wed 03-Oct-12 21:45:33

If it helps DS started going longer at 12 weeks. I would also get checked for tongue tie smile

Gavotte Wed 03-Oct-12 23:00:42

Thanks, all. Yes, I've been checked for latch and tongue tie by the HV (although have lots of symptoms of the latter - hiccups, refluxy symptoms etc - so am seeking GP referral but waiting list is 6 weeks). Expressing isn't a goer, sadly - I've rented a Medela industrial number but only ever get max 10ml. Already doing evening cluster feeding. Sigh. Good idea on walks to space things out - will give it a go.

Tgger Wed 03-Oct-12 23:12:32

Hi there!
Ok..... I BF two children from 0-18 months, well the first I mix fed from 5 months and quit finally at 20 months, the second wouldn't take a bottle ever so I gradually wound down and quit at 18 months!

What I found was that to space out the feeds you need them to be hungrier!!! This is easier the bigger they are, so it depends a bit on how much she weighs, but even if she is little she shouldn't really need feeding every hour, not unless she's cluster feeding for comfort. Every 2 or 3 hours is fine for little ones. Comfort feeding is fine too, but not if it's not so convenient for you- you can comfort in other ways not just feeding. So.... when it seems like she needs feeding after an hour do something else to break the cycle- take her out in the buggy/walk around with her, whatever you can to distract. You may find she is unsettled for 5/10 minutes then settles for a while and hey presto you don't feed until after 2/3 hours instead of the hour.

Sometimes it's not the length of feeding that's important- if you have a very good milk supply she may be getting lots in 5/10 minutes- BUT..... she may not be getting through to the hindmilk which is the bit that can get them to last longer. To overcome this problem feed from one side twice in a row before switching sides. Try it- really works!

Good luck!

AnxiousElephant Wed 03-Oct-12 23:29:11

My dd fed for 6 months and never lasted longer than 1.5 hours! Better at night mind. You can space feeds in the day but she will probably wake more at night. Its calorie intake in 24 hours.
If it is the latch possibly then see a breastfeeding counsellor (most childrens centres have a group with one present). Try hand expressing in a warm bath so that you are relaxed. Most humans don't go longer than 2 hours without fluids or food, baby is no different from adults. We average something being put into our mouths about 15 times per day!

ZuleikaD Thu 04-Oct-12 06:42:16

Yeah, DS never went longer than 90 minutes until he was about 6m.

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