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I have thrush, please help!

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JellyBellies Tue 02-Oct-12 09:38:54


Back story here

After the above thread, I have been back to the GP 3 times. The first time, the GP (different GP from the previous 3 i had seen!) told me she did not believe I had thrush. She said my breasts were giving out shock as i was feeding DS1 ( 3 years) and DS2 (15 months) and I had to stop feeding DS1 to feel better!

I told her that I wanted the thrush treatment anyway. She finally agreed to prescribe as it couldn't hurt. So I got fluconazole for 10 days and a cream for DSs and an external cream for me.

I took the tablets and initially the pain got worse before it got better but a few days later I was able to come off pain killers. But by day 7 the symptoms came back! sad

I went back to the GP, again different GP from the last 4 (there are many GPs at the practice I go to!) as I was running out of tablets. This GP also told me that my breasts needed a rest and basically had to stop feeding as she didn't think the medicines would cure me. Anyway, she gave me another 10 day prescription for fluconazole (50 mg).

After 10 days , I went back. I was still having symptoms but not as bad as before. This time I was the same GP as the last time and told her I would like a longer prescription as everywhere I have read deep thrush can take 6 to 8 weeks to clear. She was very reluctant as I was breastfeeding and she did not want to prescribe a dosage for so long. I reminded her that I was on the lowest possible dose (50 mg). She then agreed after some googling and gave me a 30 day prescription. smile

Now I am now day 8 of the 30(totally day 28 of treatment from the beginning) and I am in pain again sad
The pain goes away for a few days and then come back. I don't know what to do!

I have spoken to my local NCT BF counselor and she recommended the probiotic yoghurts and I am having 2 a day of those. I treat the DSs every morning. I use the cream on myself twice a day.

Please, if you have managed to get through that essay(!!) tell me what else I can do. I am worried that I have 22 days of tablets left but if it doesn't work, the GP might refuse to prescribe any more.

Also, I am on a 50 mg dose. Do I need to be on a higher dose for it to be effective? After 4 weeks of taking tablets I seem to be in the same position as before which is very depressing!

I m sorry for the long OP but please could someone help!

JellyBellies Tue 02-Oct-12 09:39:07

I have found though that I am in pain on the days when DS2 does not do a daytime feed. So if I do not feed from morning around 8am to evening around 7pm the pain comes back and is really bad. So now, I will try to do at least 1 afternoon feed. (Mostly DS1 feeds morning and night and DS2 feeds morning, night and through the night!) The problem is I work away from home one day a week when I am gone for 14 hours. Obviously no feeds during this time so I am not sure if I need to start expressing on this day. Again at the end of this day I am usually in pain.

needsadviceplease Tue 02-Oct-12 10:49:27

Doubtless someone who knows more will be along shortly, but - some thoughts:

Are you sure it's thrush? It sounds possibly like a blocked duct.
I did read it's possible to develop tolerance for fluconazole if repeated courses - can't remember where but remember stressing about it as gp would initially only give me 7 days.
Have you thought about contacting Jack Newman? Have known people who have and they rated v highly, v prompt response etc.

Sympathies - it is hideous and HCPs are almost invariably shit at dealing with it. I had a newborn and so threatening to stop bf was quite helpful for me but I bet that's less use with older babies/toddlers, hmph.

needsadviceplease Tue 02-Oct-12 10:53:15

Oh, and re other things to do - you may be doing some or all of these already: boil-washing towels, bras, bedding etc; airing nipples as much as poss (and sunshine?!); coconut oil or olive oil is v good applied topically; anti-candida diet; hot baths/showers; extra care with latch.

JellyBellies Tue 02-Oct-12 10:57:10

Hi needsadvice, it's definitely not a blocked duct. I have had loads of them in 3 years!

This this particular breast is very prone to blocked ducts and milk blisters and that is how thrush got in in the first place I suspect (broken skin)

I will go and Google jack Newman now, thanks!

And yes, they are not interested in helping as my kids are too old to be BF according to them sad

JellyBellies Tue 02-Oct-12 11:01:35

Bedding and towels are boil washed, will start to do the same to bras. Will start using olive oil.

Turing to cut down my bread consumption too!

Are there any UK based lactation consultants I can go too? Privately if necessary?

JellyBellies Tue 02-Oct-12 11:03:17

I am just soo angry with the GPs.

Breast are giving out.. Do they think they come with an expiry date!!

NimChimpsky Tue 02-Oct-12 11:08:02

When we had thrush, I had to treat ds far more than you are doing. One dose a day (are you using daktarin oral gel?) was nowhere near enough to tackle it. I gave it after every meal and every bf. Used sparingly, the white patches just came back and worse.

NimChimpsky Tue 02-Oct-12 11:08:56

Have you tried other helplines? ABM/LLL? They can get you in contact with your nearest local bfing specific help.

JellyBellies Tue 02-Oct-12 11:32:46

Hi Nim, DS doesn't have any signs, and he doesn't feed in the daytime. That's why I only did it once but will step it up now.

I will try the other help lines too today after work.

JellyBellies Tue 02-Oct-12 11:33:30

I am using daktarin for DS.

monkeypuzzeltree Tue 02-Oct-12 12:03:24

I sympathise entirely, in same boat here. I've had four weeks of the tablets then when I went back doctor didn't want to give me more, told me to do the cream and gel for son for another week. I've been religious about it, 4 times a day for me and dotted on a dummy frequently throughout day for son - he's meant to have 4 tsps a day which I think that adds up to, after a week seems to be better. You're meant to keep treating for 10 days after symptoms have gone - although this is my third round in 12 weeks!

Use breast pads so that you can change them regularly too.

ElphabaTheGreen Tue 02-Oct-12 15:29:06

Daktarin oral gel should be applied to your DCs four times a day and you need to use the cream on yourself after every feed, although probably more if you're not feeding that often. Are you carrying on with cream and oral gel while you're on the tablets? You definitely need to be. You also need to carry on with the cream and gel for at least a week after you finish the fluoconazole tablets.

I actually found that getting rid of the breast pads was a turning point for me, as was going around braless/topless for as long as possible after applying the cream to let the air get at my boobs. It was a bit National Geographic, but it worked! grin

JellyBellies Wed 03-Oct-12 23:17:54

Thanks! You are both right, I should be applying it more often. Going to start that now.

JellyBellies Wed 03-Oct-12 23:25:30

Also, today I met a specialist Breastfeeding midwife. I drove to Stockport to see this lovely lady who runs a drop in clinic and she was great!

She basically gave me a letter for the GP which recommends a dosage of fluconazole that is 4 times what I am now! I have got the medications and will be starting them tomorrow.She also recommended nystatin oral suspension for DS.

It was such a relief to meet someone who I felt was interested in actually treating me and not just fobbing me off as the GPs were doing with their minimum medication and recommendations to stop feeding.

It was a bit funny though as all the other mothers at the BF clinic had babies that were days/weeks old. I looked really out of place with my 3 year old and 15 month old!

Drladybird Thu 04-Oct-12 13:14:43

Well done for pursuing this issue- I had a similar experience. The breastfeeding network have a good leaflet on thrush, specifically setting out the treatment required. I took this to my GP to ensure that I got a high enough dose. I also used grapefruit seed extract to see if that helped (diluted but tastes really bitter!). Good luck!

Fuchzia Thu 04-Oct-12 13:30:57

When I had it the GP suggested that bras, tops etc should be changed every single day and then washed at 60. breast pads should be changed after each feed. If you don't kill the organisms on your clothes you will get re-infected.

JellyBellies Thu 04-Oct-12 17:02:06

Thanks, I have just bought 4 new bras because of this grin

The problem with the GPs I think was that they were so hung up on the fact that I was feeding my 3 year old that they use couldn't see past that. They decided that all my problems were due to that.

Also to be fair, even the midwife struggled to actually see any sign of thrush on me. I have absolutely no symptoms except the pain which obviously can't be seen!

But from what I have read, thrush is a diagnosis by elimination. So once you ride out bad latch, blocked duct etc then you conclude that the pain is due to thrush. That's what I have read anyway!

And the fluconazole does receive my symptoms so hopefully will be sorted soon!

JellyBellies Thu 04-Oct-12 17:02:46

Relieve not receive!

JellyBellies Thu 04-Oct-12 17:04:43

I just wish that GPs could have a bit more training in this sort of thing. Or be a bit more open minded. And treat patients pro actively. It seems to me that unless you fight to be treated they are more than happy to send you on your way.

That said, I still think the nhs is great!

JellyBellies Thu 04-Oct-12 17:09:27

Also, I am hoping that by posting this, my experience encourages someone else to fight for treatment.

The only reason I realised I had thrush and pursued treatment was I read on another thread here about someone complaining about breast pain and another poster came up and said - you have thrush but be prepared for the GP to say you don't!

That's when I realised, it was like a eureka moment!! Thanks to that poster, whoever she/he might be grin

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